I like my waffle with syrup please...

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  1. zen

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    I can't see ****. I mean if I go to a restaurant and I don't have my reading glasses on me, you may as well put me on your knee and read the fricken menu to me like a bed time story.

    So, I really don't want to scope the 995. But without the plang plang return sound of shooting steel, when I am shooting paper the only sound I get is me yelling "did I hit it"?

    I tried putting a reflex red dot ( I misstated this in a different thread as a sightmark) but as I expected it was crap. I'd like to keep my stock rear sights and have a red dot co witness on the front post. So I have limited geography. No real budget in mind.

    Are there any sights out there that you would recommend?
  2. SWAGA

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    That first paragraph made me laugh so hard....passed 40 did you ?
    Don't have a carbine but I have a scope waiting for my layaway that has an adjustable eye piece that allows me to even see the crosshairs.
    Other scope I had on my 30.06 I has to wear readers to see the friggin' crosshairs.

  3. cktvt

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    I might suggest a ghost ring. The rear sight (the ring part) is supposed to be blurry anyway and even older eyes can usually manage to focus on the front sight.
  4. Visper

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  5. waffles make great substitutes for bread on a sammich.

    That is all I got.
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    What more could you want? ;)
  7. zen

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    I think you are both right. But back to the topic at hand...turns out the internet is good for more than just watching free porn. You can search and find information on different stuff.

    I think I will try out the Bushnell TR 25.

    Now back to waffle talk.
  8. planosteve

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    Waffles and Fried Chicken with butter and real maple syrup.

    I think you will like the Bushnell, I looked at one and it was nice but I didn't have anything to put it on.
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    beat me to it. Chicken and waffles for the win.

    Add in bacon. Everything is better with bacon.
  10. zen

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    You are obviously talking about Roscoe's. You have impeccable taste. Or you hang out in neighborhoods of disrepute. Whichever the case may be, have a like.
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    Never been to Roscoe's, where is it?
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    NE Utah
    I'm a Yankee, I cannot wrap my head around chicken and waffles.:rolleyes:
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    Damn that looks good.