I like the smell of cosmoline much better now...

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  1. Today started off like most others, I had to work. But only a half day. And after that I had plans to check out a new gun shop I'd heard of about 30 miles from here. I got to the shop to find copious amounts of weapons ranging from regular hunting rifles to a couple fully automatic (according to hearsay from a customer) military weapons and some select hand guns. They were close to 40 pieces short on handguns thanks to some nitwit that broke in last weekend. He was caught and the guns recovered but are now evidence. Anyhow I looked at several MN's and a few AK and SKS's. Most were average to normal and none (save for some WASRs) were what I'd consider VG condition. His prices were very steep I thought but he did say to make a reasonable offer on anything in sight. Running short on time I moved onto another shop 45 miles from there.

    I went into the gun section of the next store and saw two SKS's. I asked to see one and it was a Yugo in VG condition. But I didn't get the warm and fuzzies. I asked to see the second one trying not to make it obvious I might be wasting the clerks time. I checked the barrel, looks very good. Very little to no rust on the action. Then it hit me. The numbers matched! The butt, receiver, magazine cover, action, and barrel. I was warm and fuzzy instantly, almost as if I'd peed myself, lol. Plus, it was on sale. Now here is where I'm still shaking my head. The MSRP listed was $249.95 and the sale tag read $199.99. It took about 5 minutes to make up my mind and do the paperwork. At the cash register the fellow tells me $84.75. Huh? He looks at me and says this one is marked "Additional Discount" and some code. I whipped the debit card out in record time and left before anyone could change their mind. I desperately wanted to go back and see if the other one was marked that way as well but was afraid to push my luck. My smile was so big on the way home the wife had to ride in the back seat and I needed both windows open so my smile fit more comfortably. :lol:

    It does have a bunch of cosmo on it that needs to be cleaned. I wonder if the metal would be easier to clean if I removed the wood and used an automotive part cleaner? Would anyone here recommend that or not? The wood appears to be very nice but it is finished in what I think is plain varnish. I think I will strip that down and refinish it in some kind of Min Wax.

    I took some photos with my crappy cell phone and will try to post them here shortly. I was in a hurry to post this info so figured I'd wait. Hopefully that Gunny dude doesn't come down on me for not posting the porn first!

    I must credit Neo for this purchase. I'd never really wanted an SKS before seeing his. After seeing it I decided to read up on them and instantly became interested in one of my own. Thanks Neo, I owe you a cyber beverage! :)
  2. Here comes the porn...




    Sorry for the fuzzy pics. I guess I better invest in a decent camera someday. One thing one my mind right now, and that's SKS stuff. Time to head to milsurpstuff.com!

  3. You cant beat that with 2 sticks!!!! Congrats on a great buy and a nice looking SKS :)
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    Looks like fun... I like it.
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    DUDE!!! 84 Bucks?? I gotta make some sort of "Buy of the Week" graphic or something, because you sir have won it!! Very impressed.

    Didn't get a chance to shoot the SKS, since I didn't get a chance to take it to Phoenix with me. Long story there that is JUST beginning to develop....
  6. CHA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job big time!
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    Dude: You just bought an SKS for less than what I paid for my M44 Mosin!!!

    You better have bought some lottery tickets!!
  8. My head was spinning so much when he told me the price I wasn't able to think coherently the whole way home. I swear if I'd have not bought the ammo before the rifle I'd have come home with no means to fire this beauty. Only this morning am I able to think clearly. And I'm even more excited now. I had permission to spend about $250-300 on guns this spring. The way I see it I can get at least on more now, maybe two if I'm lucky! MilSurp RULES!

    The best thing, or one of the better things, is momma also said we need a gun safe soon. I pointed to the one I liked, a nice 24 gun unit, and she corrected me by pointing to the 48 gun safe next to it and said (sort of sarcastically) "The way you buy guns might just as well buy that one." Sounded like permission to me! :lol:

    Neo, you should start a deal of the month club. At the end of the month all of the entrants can be put into a drawing or a winner can be voted on. The winner will get a no strings attached 30 mile drive in Jones new Lightening! :twisted:
  9. That's the best deal I've heard in months. Great job!
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    Keep hunting!!! The unique part of the MilSurp hobby is the hunt. Many times it's just as important as the shooting and it's something those guys who shoot glocks and AR's only will never understand. It's the history buff in us, looking for relics that, while not buried in mud or debris, is hidden under 10,000+ years of human history cluttering the planet. For me, when I find a Soviet marked weapon, it's like I found a rare artifact that an entire group of nations tried to snuff out not 20 to 70 years ago.

    And you're idea of the "Buy of the month" club isn't too far off. But, instead of a free ride (There are NO free rides around here :p) we can possibly do some sort of cleaning accessories, milsurp trinkets (Stripper clips, bayonets..ya know..stuff to add to their new aquisitions) or the like. I'll work on it in a bit. The next few days are going to be a bit consumed for me at the moment.
  11. Great job on finding a matching number sks for so cheap!!! That rocks!
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    make sure you go over it really well before you fire it. You prolly got a good deal, but you never know, and better safe than sorry. EXCELLENT FIND THOUGH!!!
  13. Well I cleaned a little of the cosmo off this afternoon. Wow, that is some serious goop! I was using a heat gun to remove the outer layer from the barrel and furniture. It was weird seeing how the cosmoline would ooze and bubble up out of the wood grain. over and over I wiped and over and over it oozed up. I also got the bulk of it wiped off the barrel and from around the grenade launcher and sights. Additional time will be needed with a brush and some cleaner to fine tun it. My goal was to take as much off as possible so I didn't get so much of it spread around when I strip it down for the real cleaning.

    After getting some of this stuff off it looks to me like the wood has been oiled and not varnished. Closer examination of the receiver shows no signs of varnish overwipe either. I'm not sure now what I'll do with the wood, might just clean it and leave it as is. I'm glad I have a few weeks before the range will be usable, it's gonna take that long to get this old brute cleaned up properly.

    Question: Milsurpstuff.com has some SKS slings and two catch my eye. The difference is one has leather loops to attach it and the other some kind of spring coil. Any recommendations?

    Dreamthief I have read about the firing pin being clogged up causing trouble and causing unwanted autofire. I will not even put a cartridge in the mag until I've had it all apart to make sure everything is 100%.

    Thanks for all the advice and everything guys, I appreciate it!
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    I read about using steam to clean the cosmoline, so when I picked up my SKS I went to Target and picked up a small steam cleaner (not the floor type, this is real pressurized steam). Wroked really well for getting most of the cosmoline. I did a full break down, steamed well, quick shot of Brake Free, and wiped down. Smaller parts got a soak in hot water with some degreaser mixed in.

    I took my time, but like a lot of people here, I find the tear-down and meticulous cleaning a bit theraputic. :D
  15. Yeah you want that firing pin area really clean and the firing pin able to flop back and forward freely.