I love my C9 but...

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    I am interested in the FEG-PA63 for a ccw weapon since it is much smaller and lighter. I have read some mixed reviews on these. I can get one for 99.95 from a local dealer and they are in very good cond. I am curious if anyone has experience with these, the common negatives seem to be a lot of recoil and spring tension, but they seem to ease after time. The reviews from the buyer of my dealer are all 4-5 stars out of 5. Thanks for the help :wink:
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    Holy crap! if your dealer is selling them in good condition for $99.00 jump all over that. My dealer has them for $179 :( I like them and am tempted to buy one, but man if my dealer had them for $99.00 I would without question buy 2 of them. One for conc. carry, and one for the house.


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    Had one and they are nice.
    Some things to think about.
    It is true they buck like a 357 snub nose revolver, they are smaller and lighter. But they shoot 9x18 ammo.
    Which is MUCH more expensive than regular 9mm ammo.
    9mm Makarov ammo goes at a premium and is hard to find in many areas. Regular 9mm Luger is about half price and can be found almost everywhere.

    Keep in mind when buying. 9mm Luger = 9x19/ 9mm Makarov = 9x18 (which is what you will need for the FEG-PA63) and 9mm Short = 9x17. You can not mix and match.
    Do not try to shoot any of them out of the others gun. You could end up having the gun jamb or worse blow up in your hands/face.

    The pressures between the rounds are very different.
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    I know about the recoil and I would plan on getting the 13lb spring for it and a lighter hammer springwhich helps a lot with recoil and trigger pull according to other owners. As far as them ammo, I have only heard its hard to find HP rounds for it, I found 9x18 ammo on ammoman.com for $109-500 rds/$189-1000 rounds. I think I may buy it for 2 reasons.....

    1. I'm getting my CCW permit soon and want a double action gun to carry.

    2. Its smaller and much more concealable than a C9 & parts arent than hard to find since they're pretty abundant. :D
  5. i don't like the fact FEG-PA63 shoot 9x18, that caliber is going to disappear soon.
    have you check out kel tec's selection? pf9 and p11 both are small, light 9mm and p3st(.380) is so perfect to carry even those glock snob don't talk s*** of its look.
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    I have looked at Kel-Tec, not really a fan, and $200+ is a lot different than $99. As for the ammo, there are other guns that shoot 9x18, I doubt its just going to go away anytime in the new future. Besides I would only the CCW the PA-63 for a few months until I could afford either a Taurus 9mm, or Kimber KPD 40 cal for CCW. 8)
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    How has it treated you so far? Would you CCW yours?
  8. I'll assume that's directed at me. I wrote a bit about this on 'Urban Warrior' and I've posted this link before:


    The PA-63 is not listed on my permit here in NV so I've not used it for CCW. I've gotten so I carry my PF-9 most of the time. While all agree the PA-63 has pretty brisk recoil, no one I know has really complained about it. Last Sunday, a friend fired it for the first time and said it was a bit uncomfortable, but not a big problem. (Other reviews have reported the recoil as very uncomfortable, but no one has said so to me personally). This pistol is a copy of the Walther PP which is normally chambered for .32 or .380, so it is definitely small enough for CCW. I would have no problem carrying the pistol or its cartridge for self-defense.

    For the price it's hard to go wrong on the pistol; it's light, small, and surplus quality (governments don't normally arm their employees with junk). The ammo is not easy to find, but judicious shopping can get it at an acceptable price. :wink:
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    Cool...I have a local dealer selling them in "very good to excellent" condition for $99.95 with magazine. I think thats a great price, its cheaper than my C9, and much more acceptable for CCW. I think Ill follow the advice and go pick one up, worst case is I have a great converstaion piece if it doesn't work out.

    Most people also say that there is no SD/HD ammo or its hard to find, IMHO any 9mm will stop or slow down an attack whether it be practice ammo or HP rounds....Am I wrong to make this assumption? :?
  10. I have Silver Bear hollow points in mine; I have little expectation of expansion. If you read my link, I had to work on both of mine and my son had to work on his as well to get them to reliably feed hollow points. I've not tried any other hollow points; I imagine some of the brand name ammo will expand at least as well as a .380--shop around for what's currently available. Please keep in mind that 9X18 'Makarov' is only about 10% more powerful than .380 and still well below 9 parabellum levels. But, every type of ball ammo I've used has fed very well.

    BTW, cheapest FEG PA63 mags I've found:


    $10 each :!:
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    What kind of work did you need to do to have it reliably feed HP rounds? I am planning on the 13lb spring and hammer spring kit from Makarov.com.
  12. I just polished the feed ramp and chamber with my dremel. My son did his by hand because he doesn't have a dremel and lives 300 miles from me. We bought 3 extra mags with the pistols, so we had a total of 6. They were disassembled, polished and cleaned. One would only work with ball ammo. I took my dremel and ground the feed lips and follower a bit until it matched the others. It feeds okay now. I still haven't gotten around to replacing the springs--but I've been told they improve the pistol.