I Love my friends!!!!

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  1. A buddy of mine calls ne and asks????

    "Hey dude could you use a few .40sw rounds?" I say sure why not (I dont have a .40 yet.............

    Here is what I got from him.


    Also went out to the "free" range and picked up around 10# of brass!! Mostly .45 acp .40sw, and 9mm.

    Also about 150rds of 5.56.....

    And 1 .50AE (That one is all yours Primal lol)

    With alot of other stuff mixed in... From what the old timer out there said we were the 5th or 6th group out there picking up brass.... I will be heading back there next weekend for sure.

    I guess I will have to purchase a .40 & a .45acp Now that I have 500 live .40sw and Around 700 .45acp brass........ 1911 here I come lol!!!!!

    Ok my bragging is over.
  2. Holy Crap!!!!! You owe this guy some beer at least!

  3. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Very nice
  4. Its suday They dont sell beer here on Sunday lol. He will for sure have a 12 pack tomorrow!!!!

    He is looking for some .45 ammo so I might reload some up for him???
  5. Schweet. He just had about $120 of ammo lying around?
  7. Yeah I guess????
  8. We all need friends like that.
  9. Whoa jackpot. thats more than a twelve pack. thats more like a fifth of crown!!!
  10. neothespian

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    Aw man!!! You are one lucky *insert backhanded slang vulgarity here*

    All my friends and family who shoot are anywhere from 150 to 5,000 miles away, and everyone I know up here think that guns are only owned by drug dealers and terrorists! That and I"m usually buying the ammo when me and my sister go out shooting.

    I need friends like that ....HERE!

    Awesome score! Now you got a reason to get a .40! I mean, with the current retail of all that ammo (I'm pricing about $23 a box...the rate it goes for in N. AZ) you could BUY a HP 40SW. Worth the investment if you ask me.
  11. Dude, I don't have 439 round of ANYTHING laying around to GIVE anyone... What a friend!

    Oh and 1 new brass for the .50AE!!!! SCHWEET!!!!! Now, I just need to cast some bullets for it and I'll be good to go.
  12. I know you are joking around but I don't know if pushing cast bullets out of a 50AE is a good thing.

    I think that at minimum, you want to put gas checks on 50AE bullets.
  13. squeak_D

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    Now if only I can find a friend who can do that for me in .380 :)
  14. Nice! Yea I almost had one of those experiences too. Went up to ohio and my step brother, who is a cop, says to me "you got a 40s&w in your collection" and I told him nope, prefer my 45acp. He then looks back at the TV and says "damn, was gonna give you a case (1000rounds) of it I've had in my truck that I meant to shoot for training but havnt and they keep shoving more ammo down my throat" Wish i had the money cause I was willing to go buy a 40S&W right then and there if it meant 1000 rounds of free ammo! Maybe next time.
  15. Taurus you should have taken the ammo and sold some of it to buy a JHC40 and then you would have had the rest to shoot.

    Thousand rounds is worth a pretty penny in .40
  16. Hell, I'd have gone out and bought a Hi-Point 4095 or the JCP .40 right there on the spot. Would have had more than enough ammo to break in both of those weapons. That would have been a gas for sure.
  17. looks like you have a good reason to pick up a .40 now