I love my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. To day i got home from a 14 hour shift at about 1pm. this was my sixth in a row and needless to say i was a little tiered and a even a little cranky (some jerk in a little honda hit my bumper he said he didnt see me ha i drave a old 1 ton chevy i doubt he didnt see me ) oh well no damage to my truck so not that bad but still enough to upset me. so i get home and go to the fridge for a beer and of course there isnt any so i (like an idiot) yell to Grace i thought your were going to the store? she says "I did you beer is in the trunk of my car" so griping and moaning i went out to the car to get my elixer of life when i popped the trunk i really felt like an @$$ because sitting there was the new omega 50cal muzzle loader i had been droling over for almost 6 months. I went inside and .....uh.....properly thanked her.
    Now the only thing i am wondering is how do i pay her back. I was thinking of getting her a new car for christmas. She wants an nissan suv pretty bad what do you guys think?
  2. Dude, that rocks!!! Wow! I don't know what I'd do if my wife bought me a gun for ANY special occasion.... I need to update my Christmas list, maybe I'll get lucky..

  3. That's cool, man. You gotta hang on to that one (the gun and the wife). 8)
  4. Your wife is nice mine complains when I bring a new gun home and when I drink. My question is did she buy your beer as well?

    I am guessing that you make pretty good money if you can buy her a car.
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    That woman is a keeper! :) Goodonya bro!
  6. Yeah she got me a 12 pack of coors light how could i forget that.
  7. Sounds like my wife.

    Got me a car, slr digicam, Kimbers, Dillon Press...
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    My wifey insists that our security be maintained so she budgets in guns and ammo and of course dogfood. :lol:
  9. Nice :D
  10. Well done from the Mrs. - she's a keeper for sure.

    My input - listen to her for the next 5 weeks - listen real close and put together the pieces of a puzzle that would be real special for her. The new car may do it - but my bet is she'll remember far longer the Christmas you ......... fill in the blank. Maybe it's a trip, maybe it's having her best friend in from out of town, maybe it's taking your vows again... something "romantic" and meaningful versus something material.

    Regardless, let us know what you decide!
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    Thats a good...no, Great woman!! get her anything she wants!
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    after taking mine to the range for the first time she's now bugging me to go gun shopping and she's now checking out guns on the net......almost brings a tear of joy to my eye.
  13. Buy her a Hi Point C9 and tell her that you will go shooting with her any time she wants to :D
  14. Wow it sounds like you guys have great wives. I just cant get mine into guns. She carrys a gun cause she knows that its safer and she took the CWP class with me but and when I can drag her to the range she loves it but her stupid doctor told her is bad for her to go to the range while she is pregnate and when I heard those words come out of the anti-gun doctor of hers I almost lost it. My mom and dad went shooting all the time when she was pregnate with me and my mom being an LPN I have tried to have my mom tell my wife that its ok to go shooting but she just wont believe my mom. I think if I could get my wife to the range more she would really start to enjoy it alot. O I hate anti gun people!!!
  15. Man, your wife is great -- take care of her. I had to promise to stain the fence within the month to get mine.
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    she hates my c9 so i'm buying her a walther mosquito to play with monday. and we have many plans to go shooting all the time together now.
  17. I would find a diffent doc, cuz that one is full of, well you know. The doctors were fine with my wife shooting and even riding motorcycles (she only rides on the back of mine tho) until she was 8 1/2 months, the she only stopped because it was uncomfortable. Un fortunatly, after the baby was born, she lost intrest in shooting.
  18. My wife grew up in Queens NY so the only exposure to firearms were the ones the neighborhood scumbags carried around, which of course made her somewhat anti-gun. After dragging her out to Colorado from the Police State of New Jersey, she came to realize that the existing "gun culture" wasn't all that bad. I even got her to shoot a lil .22 short derringer. Then she moved up to my buddies 9mm S&W. She was shaking so badly from the endorphine rush, I thought she was gonna drop it. Although she wouldn't admit it, she had that wild look in her eyes!!! :p

    As far as rewarding your wife, I say the best advice has already been doled out: Listen really close and you'll find out what she really wants!!! Then spare no expense!!!
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    first off does she have a sister? j/k ( i'm married) but forreal can you get your wife to talk to mine for me. maybe something will rub off and hopefully i can get my sks.
  20. I don't spare any expense on her.
    Mine sparkles but she say's it's the little personal things that count. If her feet are sore I massage them, if she's not feeling well I make her homemade chicken soup and take care of her, I leave roses on her car while she's in work and buy her flowers at random, not just on special occasions.
    These are some of the little things that I do that my wife says count far more than any jewelry or other gifts.

    The point is that according to my wife it's all the little things that you do that show caring, loving and thoughtfullness that really matter, not material things.

    Forget the expense give of yourself.