I Love Zombie Movies.....

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  1. But what's up with the current barrage of bad acting/badly written movies? Land of the Dead was "ok..." but Day of the Dead(remake)? Diary of the Dead?? Zombies on a Plane??? What's up with that?

    I really liked the Dawn of the Dead remake. It gave the dead an edge. These weren't your average "lets just run around them, they're soooooo slowwww" zombies. They were all Olympic track stars with a vicious appetite.

    When will they come out with something good??? *Sigh* :roll:
  2. I was wondering that myself......

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    Yep, I got hosed by the Diary of the dead too.
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    Heh, yeah the last one I saw was Day of the Dead (with Nick Cannon, came out this year). Before that was the Dawn of the Dead remake (a few times actually), and before that Land of the Dead.

    But yeah, Im waiting for a real good one. According to IMDB, Plan B (Brad Pitt's production company) will be producing World War Z expected to be out in 2010. So that will be nice.

    Until then I suppose Ill have to settle for books and reran movies...


    Oooh look what I found!

    And yeah I love these training films too, hehe.
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    I thought Plane of the dead was actually a really good movie....but that's just me.

    Day of the dead kind of sucked but the others I liked (diary of the dead, dawn of the dead, etc.)

    Some of the WORST I've seen are Zombi 2, Return of the living dead 2, The Mad, and Re-Animator....

    One of my favs. is 28 Weeks Later!
  6. 28 days later and 28 weeks later are really good zombie movies..
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    My faves are 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later and ...of course.....Shaun of the Dead!
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    Shaun of the dead is GREAT!!!! I really hope the come out with a second one.
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    Shaun of the Dead was on Comedy Central today...

    A US film company is redoing a Spanish zombie movie, the US version is called Quarantine...its first person through a news crew's camera, so it'll be like Blair Witch/Cloverfield camera type...
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    I second that Zombies on a Plane was not that bad (relative to the genre). And I was really disappointed with Diary of the Dead, too. Romero let me down.

    About the whole fast zombie vs. slow zombie thing... I like slow zombies in a "world infestation" scenario. Slow zombies are terrifying because of their ubiquitous nature. They're frickin' everywhere. Fast zombies are better in scenarios where the survivors are trapped in enclosed environments.

    Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" comic book is an excellent zombie-verse. He mixes fast zombies with slow zombies, with 10% being fast. "Roamers" are always active and always moving. When they spot prey, they let out a cry that 'activates' other torpid zombies in the area.
  12. Walking Dead!!!! Yes! I haven't read that in a while. Last I read, they just got to the prison and decided to hole up there.
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    Hellz yea! Shaun of The Dead was hillarious. So was Hot Fuzz even though it isn't zombie related.
  14. Anyone seen Zombie Strippers yet?
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    I THOUGHT I might want to add Zombie Strippers to my collection but I watched maybe 15 mins. of it and it as just too stupid for me.

    Its just trying to be a shady Cinemaxish movie instead of something with substance.

    As soon as you hear that the main star is a porn star you can pretty much guess it's gonna be bad with HORRIBLE acting!