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I made my boss a 995 convert today

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Well maybe not yet, but after he shoots it he will be. He is mostly a high end gun owner and when he picked it up he was hesitant at first, I had to assure him that it was a great gun and not to be fooled by the cheap plastic feel. He does plan on immediately putting on the ATI which I am ordering for him tonight from milsurpstuff.com. We went to the store today and he bought a 995 at Dunhams in Ashtabula, OH today, they are on sale for 169.95 at Dunhams! I paid 179.00 for mine at a local gun shop, his was around 180.00 OTD. It is funny though, Dunhams regular price for a 995 or 4095 is 299.00, I asked the guy if they have EVER sold one for that price and he just smiled as I laughed in his face. I did however call a small shop in Chagrin Falls and they wanted 289.00 for one when I asked the price over the phone, that just amazes me, just shows you you have to do your shopping and not impulse buy.
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