I may be sold on the Ruger SR9--

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  1. I am going tomorrow to pick up a Taurus Model 58HCSS---


    but I have been trolling around today, and may just be sold on the Ruger SR9---


    I really want the Taurus, but it is hard to beat Ruger quality--IMHO...

    Any help here?!?!
  2. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    ruger makes very nice study guns.. i'd probably get the taurus though.

    stay away from taurus wheel guns unless you have time to really inspect it..
    i bought a tracker and it took 3 tries to find one thats decent.. and the one i ended up with still is'nt a gem.

    their autos are put together pretty good though.

    the tracker does shoot extremely nice but the QA is seriously slacking off on the revolvers.

  3. The Ruger looks great and will probably turn out to be a fantastic pistol, but its a bit too new at the moment for me to buy. I would give it a few months and keep an eye on the Ruger forums and see what the user feedback turns out to be.

    The Taurus looks sweet but never saw one first hand. I am a fan of .380 pistols so I will keep an eye on this one for a possible future purchase.
  4. NWdude83

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    Guy at the gun store said the magazines for SR9 are hard to load. The problem I guess is they tried to make a double stack magazine almost as slim as a single stack.
  5. Beowolf1911

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    Ugh another plastic 9mm. I loved every single ruger I have put my hands on, but I just can't get a polymer as a carry gun.
  6. Personally I'd go with the Ruger, the Taurus looks like a good gun too but if I was to get a Taurus I'd get the 24/7, I've heard that the mag on that model of Ruger can be hard to load but I also heard its a very reliable gun thats accurate.
  7. Ari

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    Really? Are you thinking that they are not as reliable? Polymer has had the time to prove it's self. Most of the breaks you see on polymer guns are the metal parts that are on the guns. (not the polymer)... There are very few guns out there that have taken the beatings that the Glocks and XDs have.