i may have bought some bad ammo!

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  1. I went out today to put some down range and I had some issues with my ammo. I was shooting Perfecta .45 ACP 230grain FMJ. I went through my first box with one FTF, no biggie. Got into my second box and all heck broke loose! Right from the start I had a hangfire, kept the gun pointed down range and nothing. I cleared the gun and fired several more rounds with no problem. Then I got another hangfire, while pointing down range it went off! So, out of a box of 50 rounds for $14.97 I had 15 hangfires and 6 actually went off about 10 seconds after I pulled the trigger. I don't think I will be buying this ammo from Walmart anymore. Photobucket would not let me rotate pics.



    But all in all I had a good day from 21 feet away.

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    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    geez. I have heard that hangfire's can occur, but I've never actually had one or seen one. To have 15 in one box is just...insane! Glad no one got hurt!


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    Friend of mine had the same issue with his S&W SD40 using that same ammo
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    try contacting the manufacturer with the lot number you may get a new box of ammo for your trouble.
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    Pretty sure that was made by Fiocchi in Italy. Now, having said that, I have never had
    a problem when shooting Fiocchi labeled ammo. Good stuff I think. However, Tula in Russia buys it from Italy and then sells it to Walmart.

    But, the Perfecta in 38Spl 158 FMJ has been a bit of a problem. I bought 3 boxes from one Walmart store here and another 2 boxes from a Walmart store 90 miles from here. First 4 boxes have had rounds that when fired left a partial ring of the metal jacket lodged between cylinder and the barrel. Locking up the cylinder from turning. It was about two rounds per box that did this. I need to measure the bullet diameters of this last box before we use it up.
    My Winchester and Hornady work fine.

    I'll pass on any further Perfecta as I am always suspect when Tula is involved.
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    Last time at the range with perfecta 9mm I had several rounds not feed properly, nose dive, in my C9 but no problems in the 995. I have had no problems with perfecta before or any other ammo. So I was thinking bad batch.
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    There is no lot number on the Perfecta. ONLY, a bar code that is the same as far as I can tell. I have had Walmart employees scan it to see if more is in their warehouse.

    This brand from what I read on the net is a Walmart only brand name. Good luck in
    getting any help there.
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    A fellow next to me at the range ejected a spent casing, it landed on top of his open tray of Perfecta, causing the round struck on its primer to cook off. Shell case went straight up imbedded in range ceiling scattered loose rounds on table. No one hurt but it took RSO and myself some time to figure out what happened. I have quit using it and am considering a BPV for range and personal use for numerous obvious reasons.
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    What gun where you using?
    I've got a suspicion it may not be the ammo but the gun.
    Delayed action because of gunk build up.
    I've had the ( almost) exact thing happen with a M57 that still had Cosmoline in the trigger and hammer group.
    Delayed fire.
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    I had one bad primer out of a box of perfecta .38 special. Have heard a lot of these from people shooting Perfecta brand.
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    NE Utah
    Why is it that you hear nothing but good, until one person says they had a problem, and then everyone suddenly knows stuff, and says yeah, I've heard this, and seen that...:confused:

    Seriously...I've heard nothing but good, right here on this forum.
  12. OldOutlaw

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    I suspect mostly because the majority of us deal with it and go on after it happens to us. We just don't perhaps buy the brand any longer.
    Posting every time you have an ammo problem won't cure it. I always kinda expect some type of problem if I buy the real cheapo ammo at any Walmart. Particularly when Tula is involved. I had enough Tula problems over the last 20 plus years.
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    I've one rounds do it. I don't remember the brand and would not have when it happened, it was that old. Old contaminated powder. People bash reloads all the time, most don't reload. At least with reloading you have some clue how old the components are.
  14. Bull

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    I've shot one box of .45, 9mm, and .357 perfecta through my guns... No problems yet....
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    What is a BPV? :what:
  16. Rachgier

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    Bullet Proof Vest
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    Have shot lots of the 9mm and .40s&w only had one issue and it was a deformed bullet looked like it had been crushed into oval . Short version it came out of the barrel but It was laying in front of the cardboard target I was shooting .
  18. I was shooting a hi-point jhp45. its a new gun that I cleaned before I shot it, then I cleaned it after I shot it for the first time. this was my second time shooting. everything was pretty clean after the last disassembly.
  19. SWAGA

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    I'm still thinking you had some sort of delay on your firing pin.
  20. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yep...that's a lot of bad stuff in such a small sample, even for cheap ammo.

    Not to mention...different place/person, but a spent casing lands on a shell, and actually hits a primer, and actually hits it hard enough to pop it...but it's a hangfire?

    What are the chances?:confused: