I may have stumbled onto something. . . .

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  1. OK. . . forgive me if this has been suggested--I DID use the search function and got nothing.

    Today I took the C9 apart again to further study the parts and their relationships when in action. I'd noticed that the trigger on my new C9 was somewhat inconsistent during the two range sessions I've had with it and I wanted to know why.

    I looked at the areas that everyone suggests lubing and / or polishing, and I made certain that I had those areas sparingly lubed. While I had the slide off and an unloaded magazine in the gun, I repeatedly pulled the trigger and watched the fire control mechanism work--pretty nifty engineering if you ask me.

    Getting to the point, I noticed that the drop safety counter weight rubs on rear part of the magazine within about one inch from the top. I applied a small amount of lube to the front of the counter weight (near it's top) and tried the trigger--noticeably smoother. I put the gun back together and tried the trigger again, and it was much smoother than it had been before. I'm thinking that if the counterweight and / or the magazine was buffed out a bit (and lubed), it could be even better.

    Does anyone else wanna try this on their C9 and see if it makes a difference?

    So did I just stumble on to a new "fine-tuning" point on the C9 or is this old news? Thoughts?
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    Or you could just throw it and the little piece of bent wire in a parts box and see how that works.

    Oh wait. Perhaps I shouldn't suggest that it will work perfectly without it or the mag safety? Just forget I said anything. OK?

  3. . . .or you could do THAT!. . .hehehehehehe. . . . although, I'm a believer that the internals on a self-defense pistol should not be messed with (modified), other than lightly polishing some contact points to smooth out the operation. I know that some others will disagree.