I need a new 380, for som reason I need this one..

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    I need a new 380 as my CF380 was stolen-- While I plan on getting another CF380(or380comp), I am drawn to this pistol---

    It is what I plan on ordering--except in stainless--PT58

    Anyone have any experience with it? I have shot several Taurus Baretta clones, but not this on...

    Curious how she handles--
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    To each his own. To know if you will like a firearm you must shoot it yourself. You know what you like in a firearm, and it is you who will have to use it. Only you can judge a pistol. Just because i say that bersa's are the best .380's out there, doesn't make it true, but it is a very truthful statement. :) I'm very surprised you are not considering going with a Bersa or FireStorm, they are reasonably priced and worth every penny and more! If $479.99 is in your budget, then you can get a Bersa AND a CF380... with ammo! Just my $0.02...

  3. Yeah, I hear ya..my C380 was stolen from my truck a month ago-- I love the Bersa (don't own one, but one of my best friends has one)-- I have always loved the heft of a Beretta and the Taurus has good weight to it like the Beretta line it springs from.

    I know the 9mm is a better choice, but I have always loved the .380, and whil I haven't shot this one, I have held them at the shop-- along wth the Beretta Cheetah--I like the Taurus more----

    That and I got a quote for the 58HCB new for right at $400--the SS version will run about $15 more...

  4. If your heart is set on the Taurus then by all means go for it. I have no experience with that particular model but have had very good experience with Taurus pistols in general.

    Bersa recently introduced a HiCap version of its Thunder 380, its very close in size to their older 82/83 and 85 model steel frame pistols but uses the same alloy frame as the basic Thunder does. I have seen these in the shops for about 6 months now but they are not listed on Eagle Imports web site. Just an option if the HiCap is what is steering you towards the Taurus.

  5. Wha is the capacity of the Bersa? I know the Taurus 58 HC is 19+1...

    That and the weight is its selling point to me....
  6. I did some looking on a few Bersa forums and found some info on the HiCap Thunder. Proper name is Bersa Thunder 380 Plus and it has a 15+1 round capacity using a double stack mag. I have seen them in the shops and had my hands on one but thats about it. Except for the larger/wider grip frame its identical to the standard Bersa Thunder 380. My wife has a BT380 and its been a fantastic pistol since day one, everyone I know who has one says the exact same thing so I am never worried about saying good things about Bersa Thunders.

    Good luck and hope this helps.
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    It reminds me of the Beretta Model 84. Except the grip is longer on this.... I have always liked the look of the 84
  8. I love Taurus wheel guns and autos. I'm partial to their wheelguns, as my handle indicated, but would trust my life to everything they make with the exception of those little .22s. Had some bad experience with them, but sure they can be made reliable, but still a .22. If you want to a 380, then by all means go for it. Buy lots of ammo and practice cause it doesn't matter the caliber if you can't hit what your aiming at.