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    For the past few years I've been using an Apple iPad 2. I don't really use it for heavy stuff; basically internet, email, and HPFF. I never really had much trouble with it, and it was always pretty snappy until my niece took it upon herself to "update" it to iOS 9.2. Now it's slower than molasses through a funnel in January. Since there seems to be no easy way to downgrade back to iOS 7, and turning off all the bells and whistles only speeds it up a little, I basically have an eReader.

    Now the dilemma... Should I get an iPad Air, Air2, or an Android tablet. The Air has a slightly (but not much) faster processor, and 1 GB RAM as opposed to the 512 MB RAM on the iPad 2. I can get one for around $300. The Air 2 has a triple core 1.5 ghz processor and 2 GB RAM, but costs around $500. On the other hand, a Lenovo Tab2 A10 has a quad core 1.7 ghz processor, 2 GB RAM, and an external SD slot for about $160. The iOS/Android thing doesn't really concern me; I'm familiar with the iPad, but I have a Galaxy S5 phone. I just want something, that when I click on the weather or the news, it doesn't crash or go unresponsive.

    What would you do? I'm not tied to any platform or brand; and it doesn't have to be the latest and greatest. I just want something that works for a decent price.
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  2. Im an android fan all the way.
    ever since they did the same thing my Ipad 2 with no way to go back.

    We have an 8inch galaxy tab I found for $180 refurbed. Love it. no problems, runs everything fast.

    so far every update with android has made stuff run faster, IOS the opposite. They are trying to force you to upgrade.

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  4. mr_flintstone

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    I really like my Samsung phone. A 10 inch Tab A is about $250. I might have to check one out.

    I had a 1st gen Kindle Fire. I liked it, but it was somewhat limited. I hear the new ones are a lot better. The price is pretty good on the 10 inch ($229).

    Keep the recommendations coming. I realize this is kind of like asking what is the best gun, but it's still good to know the pros and cons before buying.
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    apple sells their refurbished ipads with same as new warranties. knocks roughly $100 off price.
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    NE Utah
    I bought an 8" "WinBook" Chinese tablet running Windows 8 for $70. Runs fine. Got the $49 base model Kindle...works fine.

    I just can't understand why the big name tablets cost so much, especially if they are running Android.

    I have bought Apple refurbs as well, its a good deal, usually. And Apple battery life is impressive.

    My old iPad2 is still running fine, even with the updated iOS...some of the apps are dogs though, and sometimes (not often) the iPad gets lost and glitches, like it won't turn on the normal way, or the buttons do something abnormal. But it always clears up immediately.

    The Microsoft Surface is a GREAT machine, but they aren't cheap at all.

    Best of luck!
  7. Wife has the Fire7, does everything she wants it to do. It is not slow, has good screen. The only problem was the lack of the google play store, and I found the update online.

    I am a PC person, I want my 20 inch screen, a keyboard, a DVD player, and so on.
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    NE Utah
    But those are hard to pack with you on the plane, or "other places" where you might read things.:D

    I agree, for some things, I want a large full power box with parts I can mix and match at will and a screen that is bigger than my first TV.

    But for a lot of things, the tablet is simply the best possible answer.:)
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    Definitely Android!
  10. mr_flintstone

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    OK guys, I think I've settled on an Android. Now, which one. I definitely want a 10+ inch screen. My eyes aren't what they used to be, and like Walkingwolf, I like to see what I'm looking at.

    Any brands to stay away from?
  11. cruiser

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    Wife has the Kindle fire 8.9 HDX. Seems big next to my 7
  12. Same one I got, my wife bought it for me for Christmas the year before last. Absolutely love it.
  13. We bought my mother-in-law the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, 9.7".
    She's in her mid-50s, wears glasses, she says it's great for her. She uses it as a computer, and it can handle almost anything she throws at it. Skype calls, games, browsing, etc.
  14. Not sure, the fire is a bargain, and so far good reviews. If not for windows as the operating system(I hate 8.1) a surface would be a good choice, they are pricey though. If windows 10 is any good then a surface might not be too bad.

    I don't know if the fire is available in 10 inch, but if it was that would be the way I would go.

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    My wife has the Galaxy Tab also and loves it! She had something else before that she didnt like but I cant remember what it was.
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    Subbing Fred Flintstone
    I need a new device and I'd like it to be able to run the
    Arduino Firmware... I'm guessing Flyboy is the only one
    who prolly knows what that is even is :(
  17. FirearmFanatic

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    Wrong, horse fly! I know what that is! You ever try something with Rassbery Pi on it? :confused:
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    Aldi of all places has a tablet in their current ad.