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I need an idea on what to do with my back seat area in my truck....

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Just wondering what I could do with the back section of my cab, I'm a big guy...have my seat all the way back, and I don't know where my rear passenger seat is. And no normal person could ever use this little area to sit.

I asked some friends around here, and they all told me speakers, but for the kind of music I listen to, I don't need speakers, let alone a "system." I was thinking gutting it and putting a large tool box back there, big enough to hold a jack, some tools, recovery equipment(maybe a little cooler to hold some drink) maybe a rifle rack on the lid so they're not bouncing around anymore.

Or maybe I can put a cot or something back there, and sleep between classes...and just move the seats forward when I need the room?

I could possibly put some speakers in the area where the seats used to be...anything to make my metal clearer.

I don't, know give me some practical ideas here guys. Right now I just have an unopened case of Lite, and some CD book thingys back there.
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you can do what i done

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This will give you something to talk about on dates:
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This will give you something to talk about on dates:
Isn't that the body to Grandpa Munster's car?
You mentioned you Don't need speakers, But the cot and tool box could easily be combined. Just make it a hinged top and "BAM" you now have your little bunk and a "hidden" tool box and/or gun storage. Oh yeah, tools also. Would also work if you would have to use it as a Bug Out Vehicle. :angel:
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