I need an opinion on a 995 quickly

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    All my HP weaponry is black. ALL of them!! Today I finally ran across a 995 that was partially chrome. I liked the chrome look and almost bought it. Is it an older 995 or something? It had not been kept up well. It looked decent but was nothing to write home about. The dealer only had a manual for it & wanted $245 + tax and TICS. From all I have this is a wee bit high considering you can get them off GunBroker for between 170& 225.
  2. Used and not well kept up? Skip it. Hold out for greener pastures, my friend.

  3. Although the price is a bit high, the Chrome models are highly sought after.
    Did it come with a Magazine or a Sling & what Sights did it have on it?

    If you could talk him down to around $160-180 it might be worth it.
    You could probably tell Hi-Point how you got it & see if they could send you the Tool for it at least & they may even send you the other parts that would have come with it.

    Even if it is a little beat up, you should send it in to Hi-Point for a Tune up & Inspection. They might even give you an extra Mag for it when they send it back.
  4. I'd say skip it. So it's chrome, no biggie.
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    Here is the way I saw the gun. It had a mag, no tool kit nor extra parts. It did not have a sling and was still in the HP stock. The front sight was adjustable up and down and was loose. I tightened it up with my fingers. It had the scope rail on it. The stock was banged up pretty good. The barrel looked like it was shot without ever being cleaned the grooves were full even after we sprayed bore cleaner through it and there was actual slight rust in the barrel. I carry a bore light with me when going to the dealers . Some one had take and put something around the grips. It felt like a can cozy on it. It fit ok and looked decent.
  6. IF you can get it for a decent price, Hi Point would go through it and make it like new. They would also provide you with any missing parts if you let them know what is missing.

    How is the chrome on it? I have never heard of anyone here sending a chrome one in for service, so I could not say if they would replace damaged chrome with new chrome, or just blued metal.
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    The chrome is in good shape which is what really made me want it.
  8. Then if you can get it for a decent price, go for it.

    If nothing else, take the chrome off, and put a note in the box that you kept the chrome parts and do not need those parts replaced, and let them do their magic.

    If the barrel is shot, they will replace it.
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    I did a quick scan on-line and found it cheaper in chrome at a few places.
    I hate to break from the whole brotherly love, hi-point group hug scene, but come on, we like the weapon because its cheap, accurate, and goes boom when we ask it to do so. The whole chrome thing seems a little "silk pants on the pig". I am not knocking hi-point. I have the C9, the 995, and am going to buy the .45. You want to make it special, buy Duracoat and get fancy.
    That just seems like a bit too much to spend (this coming from a guy who had to ask about 189.00 price for the C9, but got a better deal). Seriously, you are a stone's throw from 300.00. We may all love hi-point but look at the dollar amount you're considering.
  10. Gotta remember tho Ron, its his cash and if he wants bling, then he should get it. ;)

    Wont catch me saying anything about that.

    I'm in the process of taking a 500 buck shotgun, and putting over another 1000 in it in parts and accessories. Crazy? Maybe, but its what I want to do, so thats what I'm doing
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    You're right waltham, just my .02. :D I like to keep my hi-points cheap. Plus, now that I have looked up Duracoat, I think that is the way to go. More options and better looks. Me, just me, thats all.
  12. Don't take me wrong Ron, I'm not gonna spend a lot on my Hi Points ether, but if someone wants to, whatever rocks their boat :)
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    Never take you wrong, brother. That is what the :D was for.
  14. Just checking my friend, didnt want you to think that I was trying to be rude towards you or anything. :)
  15. Damn, we're a polite bunch, aren't we :)
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    shut up, I was talking to watham! :D :D :D
    You know, honestly, when I was searching sites, the no cussing-being polite was agitating a bit. But when you step back and look. We look out for each other and at least we aren't gun snobs. Shooting to us is more important than talking about what are rounds are shot from.

  17. Well said 8)
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    Ok after the whole be polite and brotherly love crap I think everyone is saying let this deal go. As for the duracoat idea that is a good one.
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    Oh,my bad, forgot we had an actual subject. Okay then. Phew, almost a hijacked thread, we gotta watch out. :D