I need consoling

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  1. In order to get what I want I have had to give up something. I gave up the HP .380 :( so that I can add a JHP .45 to my collection.

    So, lets have a moment of silence for my faithful HP .380. G'by Sadie. But her loss is a JHP's gain. :D

    So, the local gun shop has them for $139.95 until Christmas. After tax that's around $150.00 Is that a good price?

    I hope so, because I need consoling. :?
  2. Mumbles

    Mumbles Guest

    Look at it this way, trading up is a GOOD thing. :wink:

  3. The 'until Christmas' price compares favorably with what I see here in Atlanta. After that: not quite so good, but still not so bad as other's have posted here.

    Good luck, and don't feel bad about the trade-up!
  4. A.C.P.

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    I am positive you will like the JHP 45, Its a large handgun but its very reliable and accurate. As a Home defense gun right up there with the others.
    yea you will maby miss the lil 380 but the trade will be worth it. Get some ammo and let em fly.
  5. Getting to the range is the first step of the healing process. :D
  6. And busting the cherry on a brand new Hi-Point is all the "consoling" he really needs! :wink:
  7. hipoint.nut

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    Good trade! My wife makes me do the same thing.
  8. 1motion

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    if you JHP shoots anything like mine you will love it. its definatly a fun gun to shoot...
  10. GlockMan

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    Since when does "Ball & Chain Wive's" have any thing to do with "MALE" gun Purchases? :shock:
  11. I beleive the phrase goes "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" :wink:
  12. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    All part of the rules.

    rule #
    1. The wife is always right.
    2. If in doubt of the wifes decision refere back to rule #1 :p
  13. Ari

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    Oh come on! put on a pair of pants! :shock: :lol: