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    I tried posting this once but it didn't work...here we go again.

    I bought a .995 about a month ago, and i decided to buy the ATI stock with a red/green dot scope but while installing the ATI stock im running into trouble. When you put the first pin (the screw and bolt part) in the second it wont line up, i've filed lightly in the hole but still doesnt fit, do anyone have any suggestions about where i should sand or is the a trick to it?? please let me know! Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

    Also do hi-point not warranty the gun if you have an ATI stock on it?? I thought it was an unconditional warranty
  2. Sorry, can't help you with this one. I'm personally waiting for the new HP stock. I'm sure those with ATI stocks will be able to help.

  3. If you are referring to the cover holes, I too had to do some filing. I actually used a small drill bit and hit it lightly. It did take a while but works fine. I also have quite a few rounds through it with no issues (that I know of). IF you are not sure, snap a pic and we can comment.

    ATI stocks are a love 'em / hate 'em / wait for 'em proposition. I chose to go ahead.

    As for warranty - no vendor can be expected to honor a warranty if you alter their design as significantly as an ATI does. That said, HP has helped some in the past, but I think you're buying into "customizing" at this point and will need to own some of the outcomes, if any.

    Welcome to the forum BTW!
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    I used a small round file and half dozen test fittings to make I didn't remove too much material.Also make sure the magazine release is adjusted properly before final assembly. Locktite is your friend. Dont over tighten those bolts will cause the action to drag.
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    Try removeing the barrel clamp and/or large clip forward of the trigger until the receiver bolts line up.

    Don't forget to re-install the barrel clamp and clip!

    The "alignment issue" is the reason I have not installed a red dot, the receiver cover has to be removed and it was such a pain to install the first time I'm not sure I want to do it again!
  6. Dude - suck it up!!! Once you've broken her, it's not that hard any more. I've had mine apart and back up a few times. You'll love the dot scope experience!
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    "As for warranty - no vendor can be expected to honor a warranty if you alter their design as significantly as an ATI does. That said, HP has helped some in the past, but I think you're buying into "customizing" at this point and will need to own some of the outcomes, if any."

    An ATI stock is not significantly altering the design IMO (it's changing a shirt), not to get in a stock pissing contest, but there is not yet a definitive statement from hipoint that they will not cover warranty if the ATI was installed. They do however RECOMMEND not installing an ATI stock. If repairs are required, you will need to send the rifle in for repairs in the OEM stock. At least that is how I will be dealing with warranty issues.

    Also see this thread.
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    You talked me into it! :lol:
  9. When I sent mine in for repairs, I was heard (from this board) that if you sent it in an ATI, they'd take it off and mail it back clad in an OEM stock. Since I didn't want two OEM stocks, and since the ATI stock is heavier than the OEM stock, I put the OEM stock back on. But that's just me.

    Am I the only one that didn't have to do any filing at all to put the receiver cover on the ATI? Don't get me wrong, it was an absolute pain the butt to squeeze the bolts through, but I did do it without having to make any modifications.
  10. Ditto,I had no problems at all installing the ATI,guess we were just lucky! :)
  11. Have you checked the sticky????? that should outline where you need to remove material... If you have not gotten it figured out by this time take a few pics of what you are talking about and there will be a lot of help from alot of people on this forum.
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    stock install

    Try putting the bolts through before you put the on the bottom retaining clip. When I put mine together the bolts line up perfectly until I installed the retaining clip.Hope this helps.
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    The only way my ATI was going to fit was to drill through the front holes from one side to the other while the sheet metal cover was clamped on.
    I won't say who told me to do that, but it worked...
    500 rounds later no visible wear. I also removed the strip of stock between the bottom of the pistol grip and the rear bottom of the stock.
    The handling is absolutely dynamic to say the least!! Mag changes with this mod are super fast so who cares if you have 10 rnds or 15.
    Just kind of think of this carbine as America's AK, every houshold should have one, like having a fire extinguisher...
    Sure I have a Beretta Storm and several AR's but, this 995 is a blast to shoot.

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    Hey Uncle...Working on pic capabilities (soon)...Good pic of a modified Beretta Storm on their forum page 5. I live in the"Peoples Republic of N.J." where all the good subjects are limited to 15 rnd mags in all semi autos.
    Most 9mm AR's use 30 rnd mags except for Olympic Arms, which uses any 9mm Glock mag. Try and find one...and then the price just doesn't seem practical, might as well stay with a .223 at that point.
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    Umm...are you ever planning on cleaning it? You have to remove the receiver cover to clean it.
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    Hi Point does not recommend taking any of their guns apart for cleaning, all you need to do is run a boresnake and a little oil here and there. If the gun does not function you are to send it in for cleaning/repair, check your owners manual it's true.
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  18. My ATI stock went on without a hitch. I would recommend not doing any mods to the 995 just the stock...meaning don't take a file to the reciever or cover if it doesn't fit right, do all the work on the stock and make it fit the gun. Would be hard to explain to Hi-Point repair why there are 2 extra holes drilled into the receiver cover....just IMO