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    I live in a part of our country thats considred county. The local police can't come here. My arsehole neighbor shoots his gun out his back door in a unsafe directions where kids ride bikes and we drive home everyday. I've went outside at 11:00 pm and yelled who the f--- is doing this and it stopped. I don't want to go to jail but if he does this again, I'm calling him out for a ass whooping. How you you handle a person like this.
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    I meant a ass wooping.

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    Dont you have a county Sheriff department there?
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    I don't guess this sight let you use foul language but this person is doing these things out of spite, Who strings would put up lights and shoot until 12:00.

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    NO Local Police! Call the local sherrif or state police and report it. Unless it is on your property DO NOT repeat DO NOT approach this moron. YOU could end up in legal trouble yourself. Remember you aint the law let them handle it just call everytime they start in
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    Until mid night

    Until 12:00 I can't do anything. A few Weekends, when I lost it and went to the road and yealing at them. Nooone would answer me. I have a very bad temper and don't want to do what I know I can. Going to jail for whooping his a-- woud make me happy buy he's not worth it. It's time to be a better man.
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    The night I lost it was on a Saturday when my wife spent a hour and half putting a 1 year old to sleep that we were babysitting. He was cutting teeth and had a earache. You could have lit a fire cracker off of my forhead.
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    Shooter Z

    Thanks. It's hard when someones pushing your buttons on purpose
  9. Contact your County Sheriff's Dept and speak with them concerning the shooting this guy is doing at night. In most states people are allowed to shoot on their own property so long as they are xxx feet from someone's home, highway or other inhabited dwellings. No idea what the laws are in Ok, so talking with the Sheriff's Office will get things moving. At the very least they could charge him with disturbing the peace or breech of noise ordnance after a certain time (if your county has such an ordnance).

    NEVER EVER confront an individual on his/her own property. No matter what the circumstance are you would be considered the aggressor and could very well end up being shot, remember this is the guy who is shooting his guns after 10pm!

    If this guy rents his property contact the owner and explain what his renter is doing. If he owns his home then you will have to deal with him via the County Sheriff's Office.
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    He's makin me feel like chump. He's time is coming.
  11. Call the cops and tell them he is making meth at his house ;) JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree: Call the Sheriff or State Police, and try to get video/audio of the shooting. Any media of the event (or events) are like nails in his legal coffin. From the media they can easily tell what kind of gun it is and how far away from the recording source it is (a fairly easy set of formulas. I use 'em all the time in sound design). With that in hand all the LEO's have to do is attribute that there is a caliber firearm in the home that fits the audio signature of the rapport, and you're golden.

    And, I HIGHLY agree on not confronting the guy if he's the kind of twit who likes to randomly shoot of arms just for the sake of disturbing the community. As you said, there is NO local police....and that probably also means that there are no local EMT's.

    Excercise patience and intelligence, and you will prevail. Jerks like this are passive agressors and will fold like a deck of cards when you get the law properly on your side.
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    If you have other neighbors, get them involved. When living outside the city limits, it is very hard to have a deputy arrive in time to hear the shots being fired himself, maybe a recording of the shots will suffice, but don't bank on it.

    As a former dispatcher, I sugguest you call the authorities while he is popping off rounds, thay way when the dispatcher asks "What is that noise?" (We were not allowed to assume ANYTHING) you can reply "That's my neighbor at house #?, he's gone nuts, he's been doing this for a while, and he keeps yelling something about how he wants to kill the roman soldiers!" or something more similar to the truth. Trust me, when a 911 tech answers and hears shots fired, and it's confirmed, it will automatically be broadcasted over the radio to the Sgt/Lt on duty for service to be rendered. But please be nice to the 911/dispatcher, don't get upset with the dispatcher, if they are not helpful, ask for their supervisor, and if you are unhappy with the supervisor, call the sheriff's secretary and request a formal complaint, (All phone lines are recorded, including "Ring-Down" lines internal to the agency) So if they were truly unhelpful, then they would be reprimanded, and your concern would be handled with urgency. I hope they settle it as urgently as possible the 1st time you phone in.

    Good luck, and remember to keep your cool. You don't know how many times a victim of violence/or crime is so upset, they actually appear to be the guilty(or crazy) party, and find themselvs facing litigation.
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    Use a cam recorder to get video evidence. I would have your wife or you stand in the yard and have the other video tape a message to "a friend". That way what happened in the back ground is not an invasion of privacy as it may be in some states. Any responding Deputy could be shown and given the recording as evidence. With the explantion that you will record another message for "dear John" later.

    Oh you will have to give a statement and most likely testify. If your willing call.

    Take Care and Stay Safe
  15. The local press is another thought, if you can get them involved, they will ask the authorities why nothing has been done about the issue. Good luck and be safe about it.