I need some opinions on which gun

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    NE Utah
    Hard to go wrong with a 1911 style gun. And it's made in Utah.;)

    But really, the Ruger is a fine, proven gun, with TONS of parts and accessories available. I'd go that way.

    Just to mess with things...why not a NEOS or a S&W 22A? Both are solid, accurate, reliable, and cost less....:confused:
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  3. BC2245

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    Thanks for you opinion! I am leaning towards the Ruger. I have shot the Smith 22A side by side with the Ruger 22/45 and liked the 22/45 better. Felt better in my hand and I shot better with it. I've held the Neos before and didn't like how it felt either.
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    Got my son the 22a its a tack driver
  5. Get the NEOS....then get the carbine kit for it!!:)

    I am not a spokesman for Beretta....it just looks cool.

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    Total Bad-A$$ery :this: :D
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    I have the GSG 1911-22, it is an awesome gun. GSG makes the Sig Sauer 1911-22 & just changes the name on the gun.

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    :p thanks CHAOS... discontinued :(


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    22A-1 is out of production, replaced by Victory 22.
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    The ruger is a real pain to tear down and clean, the 1911 would be much easier, but they are both good choices
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    I like the ISSC M22. Glock look alike, made in Austria and inexpensive. Last two I bought were under 2 bills with the cheapest being $159. CDN Sports usually has them at decent prices and if not them classic firearms. The extra mags can be hard to find at times and a bit pricey.
  12. Visper

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    Spot on. Tried one at the range once, it feels solid. Decent shooter, and yes CDNN always has them on sale. I believe they make a threaded barrel version also, think I saw it at PSA.

    yep I did, but its out of stock:

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    sr22 ruger polymer tons of fun.
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    I got an issc m22. I like it alot
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    Got nothing to add.
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    NE Utah
    I can't even hold the Neos, the grip doesn't work with my short fat hands!:rolleyes:

    I haven't shot the 22/45, but I like the feel. Not as much as I like the feel of my old Ruger Standard, but they don't make that gun anymore.:p

    I got all three of the 22A sizes, really like the 5.5 inch, and it shoots really well for me. Got them used, at decent prices.

    In the end, you have to go with what you like, so...have you held or tried the Browning? It's smaller than a 1911, some folks like it, some don't. I did get to shoot a Colt .22 that is that size (I think) and liked it. Not made by Colt, of course...:rolleyes:

    But as good as the Ruger is, I'd have a hard time spending more on the Browning.
  17. Sorry man.....I didn't read up on it. I just looked at the pretty pictures.
  18. I've got the ISSC M22 and a Ruger SR22. The M22 is ammo picky , but is a reaL joy to shoot with the right ammo, very smooth. Mags are hard to find and pricey. The SR22 eats everything I feed it, also very nice to shoot and mags are readily available.

    Now that I've said all that - of the two guns you're considering, as much as I like Brownings and 1911s, I'd still lean towards the Ruger. Lots of goodies out there for it, mags are easy to acquire, and you just can't go wrong with a Ruger .22 pistol.
  19. dont forget to check out the new SW victory.
    I have heard some really great things. A lot like the 22/45 but you can actually get it back together.
  20. lklawson

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    The NEOS is super easy to field strip. I've never seen a field strip quite like it but it's very easy.

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