I pays the moneys for a 995

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  1. I've been trying to decide which Hi-Point I want to buy. Right now my only weapon is a SW9VE. I think I've fallen in love the the ATI Stock. As far as I can find it fits only the 995. Which would mean I only have to stock one caliber of ammo, the 9MM.

    So off to the range/gunshop I and a few Buds went. While we're getting ammo and range time I'm talking to the owner and telling him what I want.

    Hi-Point 995b
    ATI Replacement Stock
    ATI Buttpad
    2 ATI Tactical Rails

    After throwing lead downrange for an hour, gosh I love the smell of of the range, I again talked to the owner. He said $300 for all, installed. That means I wont have to deal with the install problems with the stock.

    I pick it up this Friday so I will post pics and thoughts then. It's official, I'm a proud Hi-Point owner!!
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    congrats on the firearm

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    not bad at all!
    Good luck with your 995. I am sure you will be happy with it.