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  1. 2012gt

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    I made it back to the woods today. Start walking to my spot and notice my cousins truck parked right where the deer like to cross. Great. I think about it a few minutes and decide to just hide in some tall grass off a secondary trail with the thought being any deer wanting to cross will use it instead to avoid his truck. I'm not even there an hour when I hear a deer get up not even 20 yards behind me. When I see him my heart about jumps out of my chest. Big 8 pointer, huge body. He looks dead at me, sniffs and just keeps doing his thing. I wait til he's in a clear spot thru the grass and shoot. Smoke fills the air and I can't see a damn thing. No worries, he's on the ground. 20 yard shot, 295gr sabot, he's not going anywhere. He wasn't there. No blood, no hair, nothing. I can't believe it. I start looking and keep looking for 2hrs. This is 2 cupcake misses. This one makes no sense. 20 yards. 20 f*ckin yards. I quit. I don't deserve to hunt if I can't hit at 20. This has shaken my confidence to the point I feel depressed about my abilities. I'm done for this season, maybe longer.
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  2. greg_r

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    Lalala.... :(.....buck fever......:confused:......happens to all of us. Hard to not let it shake your confidence....especially if it's the biggest buck you ever saw...but don't let it depress you.

    I tag out every year. Of course my hunting is not really hunting, more like shooting. An advantage of having a family farm. But if I ever lose the excitement of the hunt....or the sadness of the kill. That's when I will quit.
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  3. Rachgier

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    Yeah, I got nothin' on this one. Buck fever or something. You putting a projectile in the rifle? Sights off? Flinching? Closing your eyes before you pull the trigger?
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  4. moona11

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    I was going to tease him about no bullet.
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  5. rowiebowie

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    And then you woke up from your bad dream?
  6. Rachgier

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    The hunter's version of the naked at school dream is the 20 yard miss dream.
  7. Dane

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    That was my thought an empty sabot.
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    Ha Ha. You shot at a mirage. Did you even hit the branches or just the shadow & leaves you thought were its head?
  9. huckleberg

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    your subconscious mind does not want you to kill anything. it wants you to turn Vegan!
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  10. 2012gt

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    I don't even know at this point. The 100 yard one was bad. 20 is just pathetic. Gun was test fired after the first miss and hit a 3" circle at 50. Can't blame it on the scope. This thing got close enough to me at one point I literally could've reached out and touched him. Maybe I should've shot then, hell I probably would've still missed.
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  11. 2012gt

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    Yea at least grass can't run away
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  12. 2012gt

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    I debated if I'm losing my mind and seeing sht. That would be less embarrassing
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  13. You would do better with a 4095:p wait for rifle season. Tell your cousin he's a dumbass and to park elsewhere.
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  14. SavageGuy

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    Well I don't know what to say except that sucks
  15. 2012gt

    2012gt Well-Known Member

    Him parking there is what pushed that deer by me. My plan worked up until the crap shot. More than likely that buck laid there and watched him drive by and walk across the field. I have 15 years of experience on him so I've learned that it's better to park away from the animals and walk the extra 500 yards. His laziness should've cost him the buck he's been chasing. He'll learn in another decade.
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  16. 2012gt

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    And somebody tell me if I'm wrong but at 20 yards theres a ton of energy, enough a hit would've knocked that thing on its ass, right? At least temporarily. 295gr bullet, 150gr pelletized powder. Over 2600lbs of energy at the muzzle?
  17. Dane

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    I am not an expert , but I just don't see it would have enough blast wave to knock something down without hitting it. ;)
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  18. 2012gt

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    Obviously not. :rolleyes: Everything in me knows I missed. (Big bullet, ton of energy, close range, he'd been pouring blood. The hydrostatic shock alone would be devastating) I just don't want to believe it.
  19. That buck transferred to a different dimension.
  20. Dane

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    Well contrary to this threads title, Don't quit! Get out there and try again.
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