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Was the cop justified?

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  1. hobo

    hobo Guest

    ... and wanted to share it with you. If there is any doubt about the ongoing breakdown of our society or the total lack of respect for ourselves and reasonable authority, this will put those doubts to rest.

    This is safe for work and family, but I'm not responsible if you smash your monitor.

  2. I think that cop did what he had to do to force that woman into compliance. He told her multiple times to produce her ID and registration paperwork for the vehicle and she refused. When he tried to take her into custody, she fought him and paid the price. If you do what you're told when you're told to do it, you won't get spanked. Either from your parents or from the cops, you don't do what you're told to do by an authority figure, you're gonna pay the price.

  3. ToddGray

    ToddGray Guest

    OMFG!! "This is a lawsuit, this is a lawsuit..." LOL!! No, this is an arrest because you wouldn't show him your license.
  4. Back home you'd get drawn down on for getting out of the vehicle without being told. She got off lucky.
  5. Carbin8r

    Carbin8r Member

    What an ignorant Bi...!

    It would have been nice if the officer didn't ahve to taser her, but she blantantly refused to respond to him and just kept running her mouth. Then when he proceded to arrest her, she resisted. A physical struggle could have ended much more badly.

    The officer was extremely patient and professional. My hat goes off to him for a job very well done.

    As for the driver, she should be found guilty, and should be billed for replacing the taser charge used by the officer. That behavior was reprehensible. Just because she is a woman does not mean she should be treated any differently in the eyes of the law. It people with her attitude that are totally destroying this society...but at least they are there to give us our french fries (DING! Your fries are ready!).
  6. Talk about a perfect example of why stupid should hurt!

    The cop handled it with more patience that I would have thought possible.
  7. freedom

    freedom Member

    LOL.. Yah. Do you really have to ask.

    All the stupid b$t&h needed to do was give him the license and registration, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she had to be stupid.

    She was dead wrong, but you know whats going to happen.
    She will sue and win. Not because the officer did anything wrong. But you know why.
  8. ToddGray

    ToddGray Guest

    Hey, as of right now, there is a single vote for "No." I do believe that deserves an explanation.
  9. hobo

    hobo Guest

    I've only been a member here for a couple of days, but... I kinda don't think that anyone who voted no on this forum would want to admit to it. This seems like a pretty much conservative, law and order kind of a group.

    But that's just my opinion.
  10. the cop had the best manors i have ever seen on a cop in that kind os situation. truely professional. I would have tased her a lot sooner.
  11. If you cooperate, you dont get tased as a general rule of thumb.
  12. A certain amount of non compliance is certainly good. Who wants to end up like the girls at that restaurant that stripped naked in the office because the managers boyfriend told her too? Complete and utter compliance for "authority" is terribly dangerous.

    But this broad had it coming. The LEO was completely justified in using force. Also I agree, she'd have gotten roasted a lot sooner with me wearing the big round hat. :lol:
  13. OK, here's somewhat of a liberal voice in the crowd: What is the purpose of a tazer? To take down uncooperative people, or as he put it, "disobedient" people? I feel tazers are for non-lethal force...fist to cuffs and the like, and not for just merely being "disobedient." This is why LEOs are getting the reputation of being too quick to taze people.

    Alright now, she was way out of line. The officer was way too patient with her, and I would have just like to see her in handcuffs earlier in the situation rather than her walking around the car from one side to another, etc. What is she doing outside the car anyway? The officer should have ordered her to stay in the car; given her some more verbal commands; and, if she didn't follow them after like 3 orders, then arrest her put her in cuffs. I know that's easy to say when you're not there or the one doing it; but, do you have to be tazed to be put in handcuffs? I don't think so.

    I really don't know where this attitude of being more "right" than authority comes from... this attitude of privilege.... this attitude of entitlement... I mean why was she arguing with him like that? If I had something to say, first, I'd cooperate and just pass my humble opinion along in our conversation, which would not be adversarial in any way. I don't even know how to describe this privilege/entitlement/right-to-argue-with-authority-even-if-you're-wrong attitude that's been going around either.
  14. I had to answer the 3rd one. I think he should have shockered her a few more times in attempt to knock some common sence in her. I Acutally think he was rather patient with her.
  15. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest


    That is one of the most polite and nicest officers I have seen. He kept himself in line so well! He didn't even really yell, he spoke a little louder a couple of times, but never had to yell.

    Even after he deployed the taser he still made sure of her safety and offered to assist her up off the ground several times.

    This was a picture perfect example of how to use the taser I feel.

    The officer had an uncooperative individual who couldn't follow simple instruction. After a more than generous number of lawful instructions, and than resistance to arrest, deployed the taser....

    All without loosing his cool and yelling!!

    EDIT: I selected "Do you have to ask" as it is pretty obvious the officer was WELL within his limits, and the women is well outside of hers.
  16. My wife saw this video the other night as I was watching it and she felt sorry for the woman... Go figure. After I explained the fact that that officer could be my lil' brother Aaron who just graduated from the Police Academy, she was a bit more understanding. However, it did start a bit of an arguement with the wife about the woman's "rights".... She had the "Right" to do what she was told to do, and FAILED! She deserved everything that came her way, PERIOD!
  17. I was shocked that the officer didnt pull something when she popped out of the car like that. Some Judge should give this guy a pat on the back and tell him go get me another one.
  18. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    You drive bad, and get pulled over?
    "Notice" a LEO around you, and still disreguard....
    The magic show come showing, and you still get out of your vehicle?
    I agree on all aspects for this officer.
    Notice the words "snipin" over and over...

    And people wonder why LEO response times are so slow....
    Effin' hag....
  19. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    oh, that was a "Yes" vote, by the way....