I recommend something other than a 1911

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  1. Johnny_B_Goode

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    If I could possibly be persuaded to carry that rust bucketcalled a 1911 it would be a Remington. The R1 enhanced shoots so good that I had to slap myself to stop myself from thinking about buying one. The R1 makes the RIA guns feel like a boat anchor.

    I shoot in IDPA tournaments all the time. Everyone is limited to 10 rounds in their gun. I have never seen anyone shoot the fastest time with a 1911. We have big matches in this area. Most of the time we have over 50 shooters. In good weather we have over 100. People shooting revolvers usually beat the 1911 shooters. We have a fellow that has won two national titles in the stock class. He cannot get close to the fastest time with a 1911.

    In the 1911 you have a big clumsy gun with a short sight radius. My G19 with a 4" barrel actually has a longer sight radius than any 1911. The G19 has the same sight radius as a Beretta 92fs.
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  2. lklawson

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    Are you actually trying to convince the OP that he doesn't really want a 1911 in the middle of a thread where the OP has already stated his desire for one and is asking advice on budget, entry level options, all based on whether or not you see them used in IDPA?!?

    Seriously, save that for a more appropriate thread.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)

  3. jcwit

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    Ya, we know, its also why some Spec. Opts still favor the 1911.
    BTW the military shooting teams use 1911's, how do I know? I attend the matches.

    How's that G19 do at a Bulls Eye match?
  4. travis9mm

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    I wouldnt trade a 1911 for 5 glocks. Ill never do competition shooting so any info on that is useless to me. I understand theyre big, out dated, and a lot of people dont like them. I am NOT one of those people. I'll NEVER choose a glock over a 1911. Ever. Thanks for the advice but its not needed here...
  5. Think1st

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    I don't know about that. If I traded my 1911 for five Glocks, I could sell two of them and buy a Kimber. Then I'd have a Kimber and be up three pistols.
  6. travis9mm

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    Well if i could sell them then maybe I would
  7. greg_r

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    Not saying that others aren't. But 1911's are some of the most accurate out there.
  8. Johnny_B_Goode

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    No I am trying to prevent him from paying $400 for a boat anchor. I have shot most of the popular 1911 pistols. They cannot hang with a Ruger P95 much less a Glock or a M&P.
  9. cicpup

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    That's the funniest god damn thing I've read all week. Delusional much?
  10. lklawson

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    I'm moving this to its own thread where interested parties can argue about the superiority or deficiencies of the 1911 to their hearts content.

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  11. SWAGA

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    I think we may have found Gecko45.....
  12. planosteve

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    As everyone knows 1911's have no deficiencies. As I now run and take cover. I love my M&P and overall it's probably a better pistol than the 1911, but as soon as I have the money I'm getting another 1911 as there's just something about them that is just so right.
  13. Johnny_B_Goode

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    I borrowed different pistols to shoot matches for over 6 months before I bought the Glock. I have no idea of how many pistols I shot matches with. I didn't form my opinion from what I heard on a internet forum from someone who is just repeating what he heard. You shoot over 80 rounds in a match so I got to give each gun I tried a fair trial under high stress.

    If you and your friends call that Gecko 45 gun selection I do not need to waste another moment here. None of you are worth my frikin time.
  14. SWAGA

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    You missed the joke JB......
  15. Bull

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    If you opinion is worth more than everybody else's opinion, than you're right..... Don't waste any more time here....
  16. FlashBang

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  17. Rerun

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    Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, wait...

    The term 'boat anchor' is exclusively reserved for Hi-Point pistols!

    I know this to be true because everytime I bring both of my Hi-Point pistols to any gun range, that is what many folk there call them.

    Until they see just how well my Hi-Points put their pistols to shame on the firing line.

    You have to come up with a different term when referring to a pistol that is NOT a Hi-Point!


    PS I LOVE my Hi-Points!
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  18. ajole

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    NE Utah

    So for those of us that DON'T shoot matches, don't give a flying fig about matches, couldn't care less about blasting steel, and enjoy a good solid slim steel gun that feels really good, that shoots where we want, when we want, very accurately...is there any problem with the 1911 in that case?:confused:

    Dude...your reality isn't everyone's reality. Get off your horse and come down here and talk with us normal folk.:)
  19. Fracman

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    1911 is the greatest gun ever build. Show me any other gun they have done this with.

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  20. RedRaptor22

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    I didn't even particularly care for the 1911's I've shot, they are kind of like the hi-point to me, not really much of anything super special about them other than the mystique everyone has created. BUT! being infinitely more reliable and accurate than any glock or other "premium" side arm I'd take one over almost any poly gun except for maybe an m&p.

    But his thread was specifically about the 1911, and I can't feel or tell a difference in a $400 or a $2200 one from shooting them back to back.