I still want a long barreled 30-30.

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    I really liked the H&R Handi Rifle. Especially the Classic series. They had the Buffalo Classic in 45-70 with a 32" barrel. The Target Classic in 38-55 with a 28" barrel, and the Buffalo Classic Carbine in 45 Colt with a 20" Barrel. I really think the missed the boat by not offering a "Hunter Classic" in 30-30 with a 26" Barrel and a “Varmint Classic" in 22 Hornet with a 24" Barrel.

    Winchester made the Model 94 30-30 with a 24" barrel. I liked that rifle. It passed down to my sister. Winchester made a M94 Musket with a 26" barrel. They also produced the Musket with a 30" barrel.

    Today there are a couple of long barreled 30-30’s that I like. The Marlin 336 XLR comes in stainless with a pepper laminate stock with a 24" barrel. A look that brings it into the 21st Century. And Taylor’s and Company offers the Half Pint Sharps, a scaled down version of the full size rifle in 30-30 with a 26" barrel. Definitely a 19th century rifle. It’s also offered in 22 Hornet. That would be the perfect pair!

    I keep threatening to line my 45-70 buff Classic with a .308 liner and chop the barrel to 26". Not something I will likely do, but the thought keeps swimming around in my head.


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    Those long barrels make some good hunting rifles. They may not be great in the brush, but they will point well, swing smoothly, and add a little oomph with the right loads.

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    The .30-30 can benefit from longer barrels. I agree it's a shame there's not many long barreled rifles in .30-30 out there.
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    I own a bolt action 30-30 I will find it tomorrow and see what the bbl length is
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    You know you have "more than a few" rifles when you have to say "let me find it".

    But yeah kinda like tools, you know how that is - when you need s specific tool and can never find it... of course you find it AFTER you no longer need it...

    Why I have a spreadsheet for my rifles and ammo :rolleyes:, yeah OCD...
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