I think I broke my 995

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by officerdave, Dec 19, 2007.

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    Went to the range today to continue "breaking in" the 995. I put two mags of Winchester 115 hardball and one of 124 grain HydraShocks. No issues at about 20 feet. Then I loaded up three mags of the HydraShocks and

    I pulled back the bolt to load a round off the first mag and the mag dropped onto the floor.

    Another two mags same thing

    Put yet another mag in loaded with the HydraShocks and first round loaded and shot fine, gun jammed and I mean jammed.... I tapped racked, rolled, punched etc I finally put my fingers into the feed area and was able to free the jammed round and the mag fell out.

    What did I do broken feed ramp, safety broke ( it would not engage) should I send it back? Where to?

    Thanks Guys I know you will help

    Officer Dave
  2. The first thing I would to is see if you can take some pictures of inside the slide, the mag well and post them so we can diagnose it. If you could, take the slide off the weapon so you can get a pic of the feed ramp as well.

    Just off what you are saying, I need to ask if this weapon was purchased NIB or used? If it was NIB, of course, send it back. If it was used, this just may be an issue of a broken mag release pin. Hi-Point has recently updated that part. It used to be have a plastic stem and a metal foot. Problem was, the foot would break off the plastic stem after so much use. They are now made of 100% metal, Aluminum I think.

    Anywho, let us know ok?

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    Just send it in to Hi-Point. Get on their website, get any number, doesn't matter, as they'll direct ya to the right people, and they'll give ya step by step instructions on how to ship it.
  4. I think I would send it in also
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    I would just take the stock off the rifle and check the mag release rod as the others have said. It sounds like it is broken. If that is it, then I would just get them to send me another one. They only take about 10 minutes to change out.
  6. I agree with Jason. There is no sense in sending that rifle off for a 3 week turn around for a 10 minute do it yourself fix. Just my $0.02.
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    How would one go about getting the newer release pin? Mine is one of the older. It's not broken, but I like being on top of things.

    The only issue I've been having with my mag release is that it doesn't give up mags. Specifically, loaded mags. Once I empty the magazine it will fall out just fine, but if there's even a single round left in it stays put.
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    Call them first
  10. Call them and they will send you one. It only took 3 days for me to get mine. Hi-Point is the best company in the world for customer service.
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    Thanks guys I bought it NIB sorry should have said that up front. Last night I was in the station and our LT firearms guy says " what do you expect its a Hi Point" not a good response from someone I have to convince to let us carry as a patrol carbine....... I will call Hi Point and get their response The shame is that before it jammed, she was shooting the lights out, I wish I could shoot that well with my Sig wonder Nine LOL

    thanks again

    Officer Dave

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    Don't let em get to you. My boss got a brand new Glock and the very first shot the firing pin broke had to send it back for new one. His Sig went to pieces and he had to send that on back to the factory. My C9 hada mag spring relase and a mag spring break while I was taking my CCW class and still fired well enough to let me pass. I got a new mag and kit to repair my C9 in 3 days and fixed it myself. Even the best named guns can be crappy at times :wink: :lol:
  13. Anything made by man is subject to failure, that rule will never change.
  14. While at my CCW class, a female 2 people down the shooting line was shooting a NIB glock 23 9mm and had 5 jams in the 150 rounds that she shot. Hey, Glocks aren't supposed to do that, but it does happen.
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    thanks guys Spoke to Beemiller and the rifle is on its way back to them for repair. Nice folks on the phone, no questions asked, just send it back and we wil take care of it.

    Officer Dave
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    Not to put down Glocks, but I know a large agency who purchased the .45gap and they had to just get them all checked. Someone at the factory put a spring in wrong, causeing alot of problems. Don't get me wrong I love Glocks but every gun manufacturer will have problems at on time or another.

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    My boss was a little concerned when I first got my C9 and was gonna use it for work [He'd heard all the stories of it going Kb and such] but after he tried it out and saw how well I shot he likes it [even tho he won't get one for himself and likes his other weapons] one of the other guards I work with has a Glock but also has several Hi Points and likes them. But they ALL love my 4095 :D
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    Probably "limp wristing" it. I was getting a little loose with my CZ85 last Sat. and it jammed. Ok after correcting my loose cowboy grip!