I think was a good trade

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    Ive bought a S&W model 10 4inch revolver a year ago at a gunshow for 170 bucks. I traded it for a colt 1911 .45 that my dad gave to my brother like a year ago. my dads had it since the 80s and its a really good shooter. however while shooting it at a range, a piece wore out and piece right below the palm saftey broke. its fixable, but my brother was gonna sell it. i consider it kind of an heirloom so i traded my brother it for my model 10 (wich it also from like the 80s") its just once wen we got it apprased at a gun show, this guy claimed its hammer was from WW1, i dont remember why it said this is but i just couldnt see this gun sold to someone else. Was it a good trade?
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    if it feels to you like a good trade, it is. Ive made trades that made no sense monetarily but it was what i wanted to do. THerefore it was a good trade.


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    When it comes to firearms I think it goes well beyond cash value. I have an old Mossberg 16ga sitting in my safe right now that was my dads when he was like 10. It is bolt action with a 2rd magazine. It has a fixed modified choke and handles very oddly compared to "modern" shotguns. I love it to death and have put down many bird and rabbit with it, yet the cash value of the damned thing is something in the range of $75, but to the family it is priceless and something I will never get rid of.

    If that 1911 was something your father purchased back many years ago and your brother made the trade, than I think you made out like a bandit in the end and he needs slapped for thinking about selling a family item. Every firearm I have purchased is purchased knowing it will stay in my family, and will not be sold as long as I walk this earth. My child will be raised with this same thought and I hope will pass them on to their kids.
  4. Absolutely; now you're going to get the 1911 fever too. :wink:
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    yeah, you done good! the 1911 bug will require lots and lots of medicine to overcome...
    I like the model10, too, but 1911's are pistolero's pistol...

    On top of making a trade you wanted to make, you preserved a family heirloom. AND it's a Colt...
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    But don't modify the heirloom! Get a RIA as a solid base to work from.... because the new Colt 1911's are made of pot metal that blow up, and the slide shoots across a 2 mile stretch, taking out a bus full of disabled children who were on their way to the Zoo. (from because on was a joke.) I'm serious, could you post pics of the heirloom? I'm curious and anxious to see this historical hammer!