i thought i'd never get photobucket to work!

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  1. thekrnel

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    and heres my extra set of grips. they look white in the pic, but they are desert tan.

  2. PrimalSeal

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    Nice pics! Is that the powder coating on the front/rear sight assembly? If so, how much would you charge for me to send you my front/rear sight assembly and my bolt cover and have them coated? That looks really sharp! Great pics!
  3. thekrnel

    thekrnel Guest

    no it's not powdercoating. i did bead blast it to bare metal and then powderd it, but the powder we have isn't flat black. it had to much shine to it for my taste. i re stripped the powder off and then durracoated everything. if you want, i can mail you a sample of the powder finish and you can decide if you want me to do you sights and cover. My next idea is to get extra sights and reciver cover and powder them a different color. i could do a barrel shroud to match. we have like 250 color choices. i was maybe thinking of a burgendy or something fun like that.
  4. PrimalSeal

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    How hard would it be to powdercoat a camo pattern on something like that? I don't think you can powdercoat plastic, but Krylon Fusion is good stuff in that regard. Ya know, this really has me thinking. Camo paint my ATI and then powdercoat the irons so that it's a matching camo... That's a tactical dream right there. Good for SHTF and hunting. :!:
  5. thekrnel

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    my c9 and my baby f.i.e. .25
  6. .40cal_in_Idaho

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    You forgot to take off your shoes....
  7. Taurus357

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    LOL! Where's the toes!
  8. Loopster

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    I like those grips, dude. They look good.
  9. thekrnel

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    i figured shoe toes was good enough for this forum. turn out you guys have high standards!

    the grips were just something fun. $10 for the extra set. i might change them to od green. we'll see. i dont realy shoot that much with those on. thay are kinda slick like the original grips. i sprayed both sets with bed liner. the black ones have great grip but the tan paint covered the rubber so they feel plasticey and hard agian.