I Want Advice on a Propane Electrical Generator Purchase

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by 1024Megabytes, Oct 7, 2020.

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    It can be done with correct regulator. Most don't seem to think about pressures. The 100lb bottles sold here are same pressure as a 20lb.

    I am seriously looking at getting one of the 2 ea 100lb bottle holders with the auto switch over. Generator will run all night for certain to supply heat in winter. :)
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    What's that about? Who?
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    Note to self lol.
    Didn’t remember how much propane you actually need to equal gasoline.
    I would need two bbq tanks for one tank of gas which gives me 7-8hrs.
    Back to my prior question, do you have a better place to store it then your basement?
    Even lugging up 100lbs is going to get old real quick and the truly portable types won’t have sufficient output.
    Tool shed or carport or garage? If not maybe consider a dog house to protect it and store the battery inside your house.
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    300 gallon tank has the same basic pressure as a 20 pound BBQ tank... LPG in both that evaporates and goes to a regulator...
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    I am not sure but the "look" of the generators did change. This new one is
    "OHV" (overhead valve) not sure what the old style was.

    It is way better to have an oversized genny than one that is
    barely big enough, or too small. You've basically got one shot
    to get this right @1024Megabytes, the wrong choice could be
    very bad. Or at the very least, you could have a very difficult
    winter if you make the wrong decision. I had a very valuable
    insight to your questions, and I "went bigger" in mid stream.
    It made a HUGE difference to the quality and ease of life when
    I started using the new HF generator. It seemed like it was
    twice as big and used a lot less fuel. Go Figure!

    Swaga has so many great points, the dog house idea is a good one,
    I thought that a cheap mini-shed would be a good idea before that.
    I was considering a heat exchanger for the inlet air, the genny would
    get better fuel economy with warmer inlet air. But that is something
    not necessary for emergency use so much.

    LOL @SWAGA for Biden Reference :rotfl:
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    when I was looking for a generator, It was suggested I go with a gasoline one.I can get ethanol free high test in my area of Vermont. So it will last for 12 months at least. I do have to use mine at least 4 times a year, cus Vermont's power grid sucks.
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    Power out? Gasoline pumps do not work. See it here in Iowa two to three times a year. Propane always available from dealers tanks.
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    Same as with calibers there’s something to be said for commonality of fuels for your vehicle(s) and generator.
    Hence my vote for gasoline.
    Or a propane/gasoline gen and keep a bottle or two as back up fuel source as that for sure will keep for many years.
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    Just like caliber and magazine sharing ;)
  11. I bought this generator from Home Depot and also bought an extended two year warranty on it for $100. I also got a $125 discount on the generator with some Home Depot gift cards. It is a Westinghouse WGen3600DF 4,650/3,600 Watt Dual Fuel Gas or Propane Powered Portable Generator.


    I assembled it and got the propane set up on it in the backyard. Fired it up and ran it for ten minutes. Also I tested running an electric space heater out on it. Works great thus far. Thanks for the input all.
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    We aim to please.
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    Good price on it. Is it EFI?
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    Look just two posts above yours. His link should tell you.
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    i have a Champion dual fuel 5k . runs on gas or propane and is as easy as connecting tank and sliding a lever . from tractor supply i believe it was 650. also got a wheel kit for it . would serve your purpose
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    NE Utah
    So...Yours is NOT propane, and NOT in the budget.

    His runs for up to 13.5 hours on 4 gal or up to 10.5 hours on a 20 lb. propane tank....which stores indefinitely without degrading, and costs less than gas per gallon out here, about $1.60 per gallon, assuming you aren't just buying/swapping tanks at the gas station.

    Yours runs for up to 12 hours on 6.6 gal, unless your fuel is old or has water in it, and then it's done. With your 6.6 gallons, he'd get 20+ hours of run time.

    3.4 hours per gallon of gas on his, 1.8 hours per gallon on yours. That's a win for his.

    And the propane is about 2.6 hours per gallon...still more efficient than yours, and FAR cheaper than yours.

    At $2.25 per gallon of gas, you'd cost $15 for 12 hours, his would cost $8, and with propane, it would be about $7.31.

    Shouldn't, couldn't, didn't, and happy about it, I'd guess.
  18. I read this on Liquid Propane Gas:

    Liquid Propane Gas - propane does not go bad. LPG-propane shelf life is indefinite. Liquid Propane Gas does not go off. Unlike gasoline and diesel fuel, LPG-propane does not bad or degrade with time.

    How long can you store propane and does Liquid Propane Gas (bottled gas) go off or expire are both common questions. Because propane does not go bad, it is the perfect fuel for emergency generators.

    How long does Liquid Propane Gas last... indefinitely. Liquid Propane Gas shelf life is unlimited. The only limiting factor is the gas bottle itself. Assuming it is taken care of and not allowed to rust, it could last 20 years or more. Gas bottles typically need re-inspection every 10 years to refill the gas bottle but you can use it beyond 10 years, if safe to do so.

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    And, like me, I bet you can use a 30LB TANK any anytime you wish to.
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    NE Utah
    I have a 100 lb propane tank sitting out by the garage, free surplus off a site. The camp trailer has two 50 lb tanks, and I have three 20 lb bbq tanks. That duel fuel generator looks like a great idea to me.