I want one!

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  1. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D99NHb6B03s&feature=related[/ame]
  2. Space

    Space Member

    That is pretty cool. I'd get one in a second.

  3. Dude.... now THAT is pwnage, my friend.
  4. Very cool, they've got some cool concepts that were posted here before, but this is a different video with more details on it. I want one, finally have a reason to gt a glock.
  5. Hopefully, after the Heller decision it will go into production and we can all order one and have it delivered to our door.

    I'll take 2...
  6. Lovely. Does the FAA baggage screeners know about this one?
  7. Paladin

    Paladin Guest

    Glock in a box, I like it!
  8. Sweet - we must have them in the stores for Christmas!
  9. urotu

    urotu Member

    That's definitely pretty cool, too bad he said there were no plans on producing them I'd be in for one.

    I wonder how hard it would be to fashion one yourself...

  10. squeak_D

    squeak_D Guest

    I find it hard to accept that they do not "intend" to produce these things. I have a very good feeling they fully intend to produce them, but will probably go for LEO, and military use. Geez, a compact weapon like that, clearly simple in design, yet effective. They're gonna produce it, but we common folk will probably not see them. Someone be it government, or whatever will fund this project.

  11. Man that thing is freakin cool. I want one
  12. MalcolmStone

    MalcolmStone Member

    That is awesome! I want a transformer gun.

  13. glock in the box. there should be no reason why they wouldn't make mod kit for the existing glock. they will make millions.
  14. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    I would take a transformer gun too! That is one of the coolest concepts I have seen in a long time.
  15. MalcolmStone

    MalcolmStone Member

    Unfortunately, it doesn't matter who beat who in posting it since, in all likelihood, they'll never make it.

    I did like how the guy mentioned there was room for the auto sear...like any of us will ever own one of those either.