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  1. the hi point 9mm bad!!! i like my .45 so much i just have to have the 9mm. cheaper to shoot...etc. be expecting pics soon of the new addition to the hi point family. :wink:
  2. You will love it. I love my C9

  3. I love mine too. And, I love my other one too! :lol:
  4. It is a nice pistol, I like the 10 rd mags that you can get for it too
  5. ab4ka

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    I see you already have the Hi-Point .45. I went the other way...started with the C9, then got the 995, and just got me a .45. Beware...if you get a C9, you will have to get a 995, so might as well start saving up :)
  6. AAHHH, Rob has Hi-pointitis. There is no cure, but can relieved buying more and more Hi-points!
  7. You'll DEFINITELY love it.
  8. TnShooter83

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    I'll have to agree with the rest...You'll love it.
  9. I love the 9mm but want the 45acp, lol.
  10. Hey, you guys need to catch up. I have the C-9, .45, and the 380comp!! Still shopping for a 995 and later this year, a 4595. Hey, we have to keep this great American Company in business, don't we??? :wink:
  11. That is the truth if I've ever heard it.
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    I agree you'll love it. I currently have the .380,C9 comp and 45jhp. Great lguns for the money. Just wished we could do something about the rising cost of ammo so we could shoot more often.
  13. well, thats a major concern for me....half the reason
    i want the 9mm!!! cheaper to shoot!
  14. I do most of my shooting with the 9mm, but I also like to fire a box of .45 every now and then. It's something about all that extra power that makes my smile grow wider. It's kinda like that look Primal had when I told him he was hitting at 500 plus with that mauser. You know, it's the "I'm the man" look. Right Primal?? :wink: 8)
  15. I GOT IT!!!! picked up the 9mm today for 125.00 plus tax new out the door. i asked the guy what kind of deal he could offer me. he dropped it from 149.99 to 125.00!!!! pics to follow..........
  16. I have the C-9 Comp, JHP .45, and am on the fence about a carbine. I have an AR-15 (I am not a gun snob), and I just can't see a practical use for a carbine for me. I would like a matching caliber, but just can't justify it right now. I would rather spend $$$ on C&R stuff.
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    Man I had to ride 200miles roundtrip to get mine and the dude wouldnt even drop the price. Paid 160$ out the door.
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    EXCELLENT deal!! $125 is great no matter what market you are in, and you're going to love the blaster. It's easy to fire and cheap to boot!

    Oh, and there is a temporary cure for Hi-Pointitis, but unfortunately it's an imported drug with the scientific name of Mosin-Nagant. While similiar in composition, it's a rather strong medicine to endure and has some nasty side effects such as severe bruising of the shoulder and the occasional dislocated shoulder :p BUT, if there isn't a Hi-Point nearby, it is a strongly recommended alternate antidote to hold you over
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    tis true neo, tis very very true