I was put on a 3 day wait.

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    I went to pick up a shotgun I bought from Gunboker. A nice Mossberg 500 Bantem 20 Ga. Got it for $145 shipped thing is in perfect shape. I went to my FFL and he phoned me in. I had talked with him about buying a Hi point and he told me a long gun would be easy to take. So when I bought my C9 I cash and carried. Well not today. I was put on a 3 day wait. FFL said he has no idea why cause they dont tell him but said he will call me in 3 days.
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    Happens. Dont get bent about it. Heck ive been denied because some jerk close to the same name as me is a felon. Getting that straightened out is way worse than a three day wait.


  3. Strangerous

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    Get a CWP/CHL/CCW in NH, this should stop the waiting. It worked for myself and rimfirehunter here in SC!
  4. This is really weird. I have bought quite a few firearms in NH, and never had a wait whatsoever. I wonder if they gave your info incorrectly. Is it possible you have moved and the state failed to update your info?
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    I have been held up once... But they called back the next day and I was good to go.
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    My problem is now I have a CCW, I dont need that call....and impuilse buys...gar!
    The Checkbook hates me, but oddly, I feel just fine :)
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    In NH, having a pistol permit (that's what they call it in NH) doesn't do you any good when buying a firearm. Still need the same checks. If you buy a long gun, they just do the fed background check. If you get a handgun, they do the fed and state checks. (according to the dealer I got my last handgun at). Takes about 5 minutes longer.

    Did you give them your SSN on the BATFE form? I have heard of people getting confsed with others wih similar names getting turned down or delayed which won't happed if you give them your SSN.
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    Ya im not sure what is going on. I have My CCW (Pistol Permit). I transfered a pistol wit This FFL a little while ago and he was telling me that with a long gun it is over the phone they tell you when theygive the info. He said I should have no problem with it. I gave my SSN and everything. I checked the form after to make sure all info was correct and it was. He said not to worry either he will call me after the 3 days and I can come get it. It is no big deal I just couldnt believe it. All well maybe next weekend wont be so windy and I will take out a few guns I havent shot in a while.
  9. Musta found out you belong to this forum and were interested in "Gang banging throw away saturday night specials". :lol:
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    and all the evil black guns they associate with.
  11. Maryland has a 7 working day wait that usually turns into about 2 weeks... and that's assuming everything comes back fine!
  12. I've only had one delay with the ATF.... Few years ago I went to pick up my WASR off layaway, drove the 30 miles to the gun shop only to be put on hold. The part the sucked was two hours after I got home I got a call from the shop tellin me that I could come, and get it. Ticked me off a bit having to drive another 60 miles round trip, but I spose it happens. Here in Indiana we are a pretty pro-gun state, but even with my CCW permit I still have to fill out the darn form :(
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    I must fill out the form, but i dont have to wait for them to phone it in. It's a pleasure buying firearms now... pay cash at register, load firearm in store, put firearm in holster, conceal under shirt, smile, and leave. :lol:
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    There are MANY factors that could flag an app for a waiting period. Sometimes it's because there has been numerous background checks done on a person within a certain period, other times if you've changed your address with the MVD it could flag. Even others are that, like was said before, you have a name that is similiar to a felon's or a random bank audit to scan for stolen credit cards and accounts could establish the flag, especially if several guns have been bought within a certain period.

    In other words: Who knows. :roll:
  15. If true, Neo, what must you have to do to trip that flag? Last year, over about 4 weeks, I bought 8 firearms in 5 separate purchases. Handguns I bought out of state and had shipped in, other handguns I bought in NV, and long guns I picked up both in and out of NV. I've seen posts on web sites from people claiming to buy well over a dozen (I vaguely remember one claim to over 30--'he bragged about more than one per day' :shock: ) guns in less than a month. None that I recall said they were put on hold for it (although I'm sure some must have been waiting period states--so it may not apply to them) :?

  16. Not sure if this is accurate. I got my JHP .45 a few weeks ago and it took one phone call and that was it. I did not have my pistol permit at that time either.
  17. On my 3rd gun purchase in a month I was delayed for an extra 2 days. Dont know why and neither did the store.
  18. Some times the Feds are swamped with calls and a lot of people get put on delay. Weekends, Friday and the 1st-3rd of the month is their busy days due to gun shows, pay days and gvt checks being issued. Other times the call may catch the fed employees on break, everyone knows how feds work an hour and take two for break....

    If you do not get a denial in 3 working days the sell can proceed. I had it happen to me once when buying a .22 bolt rifle. Two weeks later I purchased another gun, from a different store, and it went right thru in less than 3 min.
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    My FFL called today and said I was cleared to pick up my shotgun. He said they coulnt give him an explanation as to why I got delayed. all well. i will pick it up thursday and if fair weather this wekend I will bring some guns out to shoot.