I went ahead and bought it!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by waltham41, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Saiga 12 semi auto shotgun, bought it NIB from gunbroker today.

    Payed a little more that I would have liked, but they seem to be a little scarce right now.

    Am planning on getting the 10 rd mag, 20 rd drum and putting a (gasp) ATI Saiga thumbhole stock on it.

    Funny thing, there are 2 different drums made, and at this time both only shoot 2 3/4 inch shells :cry:

    Will post pics when I get it.

    Im gonna have to get a movie clip of putting out 10 - 3 inch 00 buck shells as fast as I can. Ought to be interesting LOL

    Do slugs kick as hard as 00 buck? I may have to pick some of them up :D
  2. NICE! Congrat's man! And good luck with the rapid shot!

  3. Whittey

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    I have a vid of me shooting 10 3" 00 buck as fast as I can pull the trigger. Great fun. I also have a pic of my boss's boss shooting them. It was his first time shooting anything. Man you should see his head whip backwards from the recoil. Nice buy man!

  4. I will post the video of me shooting and then the pics of me in the full body cast LOL

    Heck, I figure even if I use number 2 3/4 inch #4 shot in the drum, with 20 of them shot as fast as you can pull the trigger, that is a lot of lead flying downrange.
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    If you plan on buying a 20 round drum, plan on adding a 200$ DD fee and concurrent paperwork.

  6. Could you please point me in the direction of that law?

    I am not doubting your word, but the people over at www.saiga.com seem to think that at this time one is not needed. :?

    If it is that will put a screw in my works, because it makes the drum pretty darn expensive :cry:
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    ...uhmmm can I get some porno pics of your new Saiga?
    or is that too personal? :wink:
  8. Ridge

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    Yes, this thread is more worthless than I without pics!
  9. From what I understand, there are some shotguns that have drums that are on the DD list, but the Saiga shotguns have not made it yet.

    I just won the auction today, will be sending the funds out day after tomorrow, so it will be a couple of weeks before I actually have it in my sweaty palms.

    I promise pics when I get it.

    Sorry, didnt mean to be a tease. :twisted:
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    That shotgun with a drum is going to be sweet! I'm sooo jealous.
  11. You get yours from Alantic Firearms?

    I got my last month from them. Awesome gun. If you were a member of www.saiga12.com forums, they would have given you free shipping.

    Anyways, fun as heck gun!!!

    And you do not need to register the drum as a DD device yet. They haven't done anything like that, but the ATF could at any time change their minds.

    I love mine. Currently its my only shotgun but I will probably get a mossy one of these days.

    I want to get 2 drums next month.
  12. I called Atlantic firearms today and they are out and will be until the last of November.

    I ended up going to gunbroker.com and there were only 3 of them so I bought the one that had a buy it now price.

    I am going to get a drum, a couple of 10 rd mags and the thumbhole stock (I dont want to mess with having to move the trigger assembly to put a pistol grip on it)

    I have a Mossy 500a and if you want a pump they are a great shotgun. I also have the 18 1/2 inch barrel for it and that makes it better :D

    I am really looking forward to getting the Saiga
  13. ca't wait to see picture. :D
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    How much did you pay? I can get one local for $389.00, is that a good price?
  15. Some people on Saiga forums think the 20rd drums will be the nail in the coffin for the Saiga12. But as of right now its not a DD. Oh and convert that thing man. I converted my saiga 7.62x39 and love it. Or send it to Tromix ( warning saiga12 porn ) http://www.tromix.com/Welcome.htm . I would love to have one of their 8in barrel saiga12's. Of course I would have to have an extra $1600 plus $200 for the stamp :(

  16. That is a very good price. If you can get them for that its a shame you could not buy them and sell them on the internet.

    I payed 475 for mine, which is a little steep but they are scarce right now on the net and I cannot find any locally.
  17. You'll have to show it off when you get it in your paws Walt! Can't wait to see the vids!
  18. I plan to, I will probably get a 10 rd mag first, and plan to put 10- 3 inch 00buck through it as fast as I can squeeze the trigger.

    Afterwards, I will supply the name of the hospital, and get well cards will be appreciated :lol:
  19. Aint that the truth!

    Stagger them in the drum. Slug, 00 buck, #2, slug, 00 buck #2 etc.

    Anything in front of you is in a lot of trouble :twisted: