I went to church yesterday

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    and worshiped exactly like I wanted to. Today I am driving to buy a gun. My son is going to school and learning English.

    Thank you veterans!!!!!
  2. Thats absolutely right. I think folks in America sometimes forget that the simplest things that we do and take for granted, someone died so they could doi it.

  3. I can add nothing to pills' sentiment, but thought it appropriate to add my concurrence.

    We are, indeed, blessed.
  4. The sad thing is, I was the only one down my street to the cul-de-sac that was flying their flag. There were a few flags on the main street, but not down mine :cry: That's 20 or more homes :cry: I know we haven't forgotten about the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month already. Just an observation...
  5. Bingo. Thank you my brothers and sisters for the greatest of gifts.
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    Flag's flew freely and widely in my neck of the woods, Proud to be a American and to continue keeping her the way we love it.
  7. This year my birthday fell on Vet's Day so I got a double dose of thank you's from a lot of folks. Also spent a good bit of the day talking with both of my son's via the cell phone.

    Oldest is in the Navy and currently stationed in Virginia Beach Va in an F/A-18 squadron. He has 3 years of shore duty snf will not be deploying overseas any time soon.

    Youngest son is in the Army, and currently going thru AIT at Ft Sill Ok. He graduates AIT in Dec and heads home for 10days leave and then off to Ft Benning Ga for Airbore school. With all his schools and training he should not deploy for at least another 12 months down the road.

    Got calls from my mom and sis wishing me a happy birthday and also wanted to send me a Thank You since I am a Vet. All in all I had a great Veterans Day.