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I wish someone would bring back the H&R single shots and 22 revolvers

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I just have a soft spot for them. I have a select few, and the Henry Single Shots have been a worthy replacement, but they are just not the same.

By all accounts the H&R single shots went away because they were viewed as entry level rifles and they just could not compete with the entry level single shots. So don’t bring back the base models, bring back the Classic and Ultra. Price them to be competitive with the Henry single shots. I believe they could hold their own.

The Deluxe Classic was their line of shotguns. Bring them back in all gauges from 410 to 12, maybe even 10 ga. One in 28 gauge would be great for upland and doves. Thev16 gauge would be a good Al around. If geese were on the menu, the 10 would shine.
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The Buffalo Classic was offered in a carbine length in 45 Colt, and the rifle model was offered in 38-55 and 45-70. I would bring the rifles back in rimmed cartridges from the 17 Hornet to the 45-120. I would love to have a 22 Hornet and 30-30 Winchester with 26" barrels. The Buffalo Classic Carbine should be chambered for rimmed cartridges from 32 S&W to 50 S&W. I would love to have one in 32 H&R Magnum.
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The Ultra could be chambered in rimless cartridges from the triple deuce (222 Remington) to 35 Whelen.I will keep my 25-06 thank you! The Ultra came withtwo stock options, Monte Carlo and Thumbhole.
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And the revolvers. My favorites are .22 Long Rifles, but maybe these could be converted to w H&R magnum as well.
The 999 Sportsman was just a good all around revolver and the 903 was for those who wanted a scoped hunting revolver.
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PSA bought H&R/New England in the bankruptcy. If anyone can get them out at reasonable prices it's them, but they would have to want to. Towards the end they were getting expensive for what they were. I paid $329 for a .243 for my step daughter which is about the starting price of a bolt.

I do wish that they would come back out though. I've owned a few and still do have a couple and they were plenty good enough for what I bought them for. I'm kicking myself for never having bought the 10ga and one in .44mag with iron sights would make the perfect deer rifle for the Michigan woods, but noooo back then I was all about pumps and semi autos and .30-06.
Rossi sold a break-open rifles and shotguns awhile back,,,..fair to decent.

One of my friends bought his daughter the Rossi Trifecta at the same time I bought mine a New England .243. When we went out to sight them in (he had the .243 barrel on his) he asked if mine rattles. What? That Rossi rattled worse than anything made on whipped out machinery at the end of WWII. Long story short, after the girls got a taste of deer hunting and decided that they didn't want to keep doing it I kept the New England .243 and my son uses it now. He sold that Rossi just as fast as he could.
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