i wouldnt break into this ladies house.lol.

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  1. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNjUpR7qwNE&NR=1[/ame]

  2. "shoot him in his toodles". Go Grandma!
  3. A nice M134 would look nice mounted too that chair!
  4. don't forget TOWs on the side :)
  5. She needs to mount a Gatling gun to that chair!!! a couple of hand grenades would be a nice touch!!!
  6. I don't see a problem here. She's shooting a bit high! :roll:
  7. funny but youtube has gone way down since every comment on there involves the use of the "N" word so i dont go there anymore
  8. They need to have a way so you can report that crap to the people that run Youtube and it can be removed
  9. AnArmyofRon

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    You tube is going to get in trouble. Liability issues and such.