Ice storm

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    Had a huge Ice storm here in Oklahoma and ended up losing power for a few days my preparations came in handy ended up evacuating to a friends house more out in the country so we could run a generator(i live in an apartment) had a nice setup with the generator and my Coleman duel fuel stove and duel fuel amp.

    we took plenty of precautions out in the country we institued a "Battle Buddy" policy we even had UPS(uninterpretable power supply) hooked up to the generator so they would beep if they lost power(and run a lamp) and we could know if the generator lost power at night did have any problems at all(my guard unit responded to Katrina so i prepped for the worst and hoped for the best.)

    didnt have any problems i was worried about potential looting or such got back to my APT a few days later and everything was in order. there was even a fedEx package sitting on my porch.
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    Glad to hear that any preps, helps in even "minor" situations like that.
    When I go out of town, I sometimes feel real silly, carrying all this gear in my BOB (which I never use, just have "in case") Water filter, paracord, extra Surefire batts, ANOTHER flashlight, lighter, Spam (yes, I said it!), other stuff, etc etc.
    Then I just grin, and put it out of my mind.

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    what part of OK are you from? South of Tulsa here.
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    i only lost power for about 6 hours but im in moore so they got to it pretty quick
  5. The ice is just north of me, we have missed the bullet so far this time. Last ice storm we lost power for 9 days, was blocked in for 4 days by fallen trees, by the time we got out, lantern oil and batteries were gone from all stores.

    This year I have plenty of lantern oil and batteries, still hope the ice misses us, we lost everything in our freezers last time.
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    I have a storm heading my way saying up to .5" of ice and up to 17" snow.
    Will let you know how it plays out.
  7. It wasnt the snow that killed us in Okla, it was the ice bringing down power lines and trees everywhere.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how things go
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    The freezing rain stopped and only got a light glazing then the sleet started then stopped now we have fine snow. Right now we have about then 2†on the ground. The plow been past the house twice. At the rate it is going I do not think it is going to get as bad as they are saying. The last ice storm we had knocked the power out for a few days was fun the only thing that I missed was being able to sew and play on the computer.
  9. During this ice / snow storm it would be a good time to evaluate your preps. make a list of what you used and how it worked and how things didn't work and what you need to purchase .