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  1. Shows on the bottom of the brass.........
    .38 CFW

    Old Law Enforcment bullets maybe?
    Sorry, no photo/s.
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    UMC is union metallic cartridge, pre-remington buyout.


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    You sure it's not WCF?
  4. U.M.C .38 C.F.W.
  5. I think it means Center Fire Winchester, but I could be wrong.
  6. do you have any more dimentions? Maybe find some one to take a picture of it cause Im curious to see it
  7. .38-40 Winchester sound about right?
  8. Using a micrometer, from tip to base I got like 1.579" (1 19/32"?)
    Diameter of the base/rim is like 17/32" .
    Lead bullet, brass case and copper color primer.


    If photo's don't come out, I'll give it another try later.
  9. [​IMG]

    First is kind of hard to see because of the sun. Second is next to a pencil eraser just so you can get an idea of size.
  10. I didn't want to commit until I saw your pictures, but I'm thinking 4095 probably has it right :!:
  11. I would second or third that just form the looks.
  12. That is a 38-40 cartridge and is nothing more than a .44-40 case that has been sized down to accept a .38cal bullet. It was originally introduced by Winchester for use in the 1873 Winchester rifle. Chambering for the 1873 were .44-40, .38-40 and .32-20, at the time they were called 44WCF, 38WCF and 32WCF.

    During the old west the .38-40 was the third most popular cartridge for use in the Colt Single Action Army revolver, the .45LC was the go-to handgun round of the day followed by the 44-40 then the .38-40. Cowboys who wanted a handgun/rifle combo most often chose the 44-40 or 38-40 because the .45LC was not offered in a Winchester lever rifle until sometime around or after WW2.

    For a while the .38-40 had a small following among Cowboy Action Shooters, but the brass is thin and case life is low making it a poor choice for repeated reloading. Some of the more eccentric CAS guys still cling to the .38-40 but most prefer straight wall cases for reloading reasons.
  13. That definitely looks like the 10MM that won the West. ;)