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  1. Talkin to some guys at my new job who are into IDPA and thinking I'm going to give it a whirl and see what I think. Anyone here into IDPA, or have been in the past? Sounds like an exciting sport that will only help me tons and tons with my shooting.
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    sounds cool. are there state chapters?

  3. Don't know a whole lot about it just yet. Just getting into it and know very little. Working on my 1911 as it will be my shooter. First step is breaking it down down and cleaning it top bottom inside and out. Then with the help of a 1911 "tuning" guide I'm going to start polishing the feed ramp and other minor points.
  4. I started IDPA this past year.

    It's fun and will help as if you're even a little bit competitive then you'll start shooting more.

    I do have a few things to say, good and bad.

    The BadThere seem to be a good number of gun snobs involved, some of these guys spend more on sunglasses and a cute little cart to carry their gear then you spent on your 1911.

    Get big into reloading, alot of these guys will shoot 500 rounds in a week or more.

    The club I belong to seems to have a clique and it's the only IDPA club within an hours drive, they don't seem too keen on making things easy or welcoming for new members, it seems like a problem to even get much info from them.

    If there were another IDPA club within reasonable distance I would tell this club to go pound sand. It is a rather large club (The States are usually held here so some of you may know the club).
    I attended matches here this past year but not as a competitor rather as an observer. I got into it late in the season and wanted to see more about what it is.

    The Good

    There are a fewmembers who actually are helpful and friendly but not very many. These few are the reason I'll renew my memberships both at the club and in IDPA itself.

    I like the concept of IDPA and the organization isn't that old but in my experience it still has some growing to do, especially in developing standards and even more so in having any paticipating club adhere to those standards and making getting started a bit easier and friendlier.

    Wrap Up

    Perhaps not all clubs run things the way they are run here, maybe I'll have to drive further or perhaps join "the other competitive shooting organization"

    I'll give IDPA another season before deciding whether to switch clubs or organizations.

    Just my opinions.
  5. Exactly what I was looking to here, peoples knowledge, good and bad. The two guys who are really getting into it, and are both pretty new seem to like it and have a good time. I'm looking forward to the new experience and workin on my skills. I'm already into reloading, just with a turret, not a fancy progressive, but it's fast enough for me. Need to get it all set back up after the move and get crankin away. Will have to find a source for a few more hundred .45 brass as what I have probably won't cut it, but we'll see.
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    Good thread, good info: Thinking of IDPA as next step after I get some basic handling classes out of the way.
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    I shot it some when i lived in ND. Got tired of the snobs ripping on my hi point when i whipped em' with it. If you get in a good chapter/club it can be a fun time with freinds. If you get in witha bunch of jerky snobs it can lose its luster quickly.

  9. Hey, think that's bad? The snobs rip on my customized Kimber.
  10. That must have been awesome. They were that resentful of you beating them with a 150 dollar gun?
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    Some of the losers who gave me a hard time shot less than a 50% hit ratio. I usually shot in the high 80s to low 90s. The guys who won never gave me a hard time about what i shot, just critqued my shooting and gave advice. The people beneath me with 1000$ kimbers and 900$ SIGs that shot like crap couldnt belive a 22 year old kid with a 150$ HP could beat them. They'd talk a big game, but when the chips were down they'd fold under pressure.

  12. Yeah, there are some cool guys just not too many it seems.

    I'm the poor boy at the range where I shoot, my Kimber with upgrades and hand fitting is considered the pos gun compared to the big $ guns that alot of the guys shoot.
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    I dont look forward to that part of it. I just want to get some skills, hone them, and just be a better firearm owner/shooter.
  14. Good Job SW. It ain't what you got, it is how you use it. At least that's what I tell my wife. 8)
  15. Me too, but I'm a competitive person, so that would be extra incentive to practice harder and longer.
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    Well...for me, its the whole self defense angle I want to hone. Competitive? Well...not so much.
  17. Same here, hone the SD skills.
  18. I used to shoot IDPA and really enjoyed it, my pistol of choice was the S&W Sigma 9mm (now called the 9VE). I got out of IDPA mainly becuase I went from 8hr Mon-Fri hrs to 12hr rotating shifts that included weekend work. Could make about 3 shoots a year max and the rest I was either working or sleeping after working all night.

    When we had open shoots, or fun matchs (no scores), I liked to use my Makarov 9x18Mak. There was always a few snobs who would talk down about the Mak prior to our shoot, but when the targets were compared they had little to say other than some excuse about not being in the groove with their high dollar pistol.

    One thing about IDPA is you will always get some snobs at every shoot, and this is often the long time club members who feel their time and money invested should be the standard that everyone else should follow. Guys like this annoy most IDPA shooters because they are there to enjoy the sport and not there to see who has the most expensive toys.

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    I would like to give it a try sometime, I like the idea of it. I would either use my 1911 or my swmodel 39. Not sure on which. Anyone know what kind of $$$ it would involve to get into it?