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I saw CoyoteUgly mention in a post that he shoots IDPA. Does anyone else shoot IDPA and what pistol do you shoot? Anybody shoot their Hi-Point?

My range has IDPA and I would like to get involved. I looked at some of their scorecards and most pistols are Glocks, Springfield, Browing, S&W, CZ and maybe a Para. I'd like to participate but I am not going to spend $500+ for a gun when I have one that works perfectly well.
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i shot IDPA with my first C9 back in teh day when IDPA was just making its way into the dakotas. i caught alot of flak for it from the brand name guys until i thumped all of them in competition. take what you want and shoot it. if they give youa hard time, beat em on the range. that shuts em up every time.

I've actually gone to a couple competitions and am looking to join myself. I'm thinking I'm going to be using my Ruger P95 most of the time but will definitely be calling on my C9 for use.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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