If Duster ever checked his messages I wouldn't need to ask.

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  1. ... I sent duster an PM a month ago asking for advice on my marlin 336. As he was the resident lever/ wheel gun expert. Seeing as it seems he has (Un officially) checked out. I'll ask the rest of you guys.

    My marlin 336 (1975 manufacture date) light strikes.

    With herters ammo it will require 2 some times 3 tries to get it to fire. With Remington it just won't. (4\5 pulls of the hammer for nothing)

    Not sure if I should replace the pin. From what I read online that's better left to a gun smith than me. Requires correct punches a vice and patience.

    The hammer spring. I haven't seen a tutorial yet but I imagine it's easier to replace.

    Or maybe even the hammer.

    If anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear it before I spend what little cash I have in this guy. To be ready for deer season

    P.s. I do not know the history of the gun. It has been recently acquired.
  2. Joshua M. Smith

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    Herter's tends to use hard military primers. You'll need to switch ammo or see if Wolff Springs has heavier hammer springs for your rifles.


  3. greg_r

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    Without looking it's hard to say. Worn or broken firing pin? Maybe, but doubtful. Gunked up bolt? My first thought. If you do not want to take it apart, soak it in solvent then blow it out. FWIW the Marlin has a two-piece firing pin. If that's not it then look to the springs.
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  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I figured herters was hard primers at first because they were do cheap. So I bought a box of Remington. Which seems to be worse. It never fires the Remington. The dimple in the primer looks sufficient. To a normal center fire dimple.

    I think I'll try pulling the entire bolt and soaking it. And maybe order another hammer spring.
    Wolf makes at least one. I don't know if it is heavier
  5. greg_r

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    You can also shim your current spring with a washer
  6. undeRGRound

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    M336, is that the 30-30?

    I believe Dad has one, nice setup! With a Scope...
  7. Could you post a couple of pics showing primer strikes? It might give us a better idea of what is happening.
  8. lklawson

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    I've shimmed hammer springs on two occasions, once to increase pressure on a coil springs that I trimmed too much, and once on a leaf spring that I wanted to lighten. It worked both times but it still felt like a kludge.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  9. greg_r

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    Don't much care for shims myself either, but it is an acceptable way to repair. You would be surprised at the number I have seen.
  10. I love this gun. It's technically on loan from my sister in law. She said i could use it and keep it at my house since she dosnt ever use it. So I look at it like I'm boarding it. It's a fun shooter. Nice light threw the woods. More acurate than I am and just all around fun deer gun. But someday it's parent might come calling. And then I'll be looking for another vintage pre 1980 model.

    Sure can In a little while i saved all the cartridges.

    If feel a little funny about using washers aswell. But a spring is about $7 shipped. No guarantee it works. And i can't just throw money right now. Even $7 I'll be watching you tube on how to get it apart. And hopefully following good advice on here.
  11. planosteve

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    Gun Scrubber is your friend. I would try cleaning the bolt first, if that doesn't work hammer spring. Good Luck, I would love to find a pre-safety 336.
  12. Clean well and then clean again is your first step when this happens. A little bit of carbon build up can really mess up a action.
  13. greg_r

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    And 35 Remington
  14. What is the definition of pre safety?

    This one has a hammer block if the lever isn't all the way up. Also has a half cock position but not trigger bar safety.

    It is a 1975 with a scope from the factory. And ring's that let you use the sights.
  15. planosteve

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    I need to talk to your dad. I will make him an offer.:D
  16. greg_r

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    Pre safety was before the coss bolt safety.
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    No kidding! I miss mine.
  18. First pic is Remington. 4 strikes never did fire.

    Second pic is herters. Both fired on the second strike.

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  19. Might just be my monitor but they look kind of light to me.
  20. Let's assume they are. What's your suggested plan of action?
    Anyone have an idea on how to check the firing pin?