If Hi Point Made a Knife...
Greg Ritchie

...it would be one of the Schrade Frontier Series. I think there is about a half dozen of the basic knives in the series, with fixed full tang blades ranging from 3 inches to 9 inches. They can be had with rubber (TPE) scales or micarta scales and range in price from about $30 to about $50. I have 3 of them, the SCHF56, SCHF56L, and the SCHF52. All with TPE scales.

The 56 is the 3" blade version. I do like this one and use it a lot. The short blade is very controllable. It sees a lot of use around camp and for food prep. The 56L is the same as its smaller brother except it sports a 4" blade. I understand it's the best seller in the series and probably deserves to be. It feels good in the hand and is a good size to do most anything it's brethren will do, except it does not make a good chopper.

The SCHF52 is my most used of the series. It sports a 7" blade and will do most things well, including the job of a hatchet. It's not an axe, but it will handle wood up to about 4, maybe 5 inches in diameter with ease. It will also dress your game, not as handy as it's smaller brethren for panfish and squirrels, but it can do the job. It is a very good tool for the deer and pigs around here though.

Why do I say they are the Hi Points of knives? Well first off, they are heavy for what they are. (Did I say the spine on a Frontier series knife is 3/8" thick?) The metal parts are coated to ease maintenance. And although I hate to use the term "for the money" it just fits with Hi Points and The Schrade Frontier series. The Schrade Frontier, like the Hi Point, are not my favorite tools, I have others that are much better (and expensive) that would get my vote. And the warranty. I managed to break my SCHF52. Broke it through shear abuse. Schrade promptly replaced it even after I told them how I did it. Just like Hi Point would have done.

A person could do a lot worse than a SCHF56L and a Hi Point on their belt (although you might want to use suspenders) a slung 995TS on their shoulder and a SCHF52 in their pack!

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