If I don't have bad luck.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by shane73, May 13, 2015.

  1. shane73

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    Well I went to the emergency room Monday. Found I have acute migraines with stroke symptoms. Have to start taking a 81mg aspirin a day and keep a bottle of migraine pills with me.
  2. Kri

    Kri Member

    Keep positive thoughts and continue the aspirin! And do everything your doctor tells you!

    Good luck!

  3. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Dang it....... Get well buddy.
  4. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    That sucks.

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. I have been taking aspirin daily for decades, I never get a headache. If that is all they prescribed you should be safe. Strokes are nasty stuff, and they usually take more action than just aspirin for them.
  6. Rerun

    Rerun Supporting Member

    I have been taking a 325 mg aspirin tablet every day since 2003. It helps one's circulatory system.

    My PCP knows this.

  7. shane73

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    Thanks everyone
  8. monsterdawg

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    I have had migraines since I was 6. Often I lose coordination, vision in one eye, stutter, get weak on one side, throw up, have weird food cravings, skin gets extremely sensitive, plus the whole sound and light thing. There is a group of docs now that think migraine may be tied to epilepsy.
    My point, some symptoms are very stroke like. Good luck, I hope you keep the strokes away.
  9. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    You've just described every time I've drank whiskey.....
  10. shane73

    shane73 Member

    Everything you just listed I deal with. Plus I'm epileptic on top of it.
  11. FlashBang

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    You too! :D

    I had to finally quit drinking, every time I would get drunk my darn dog would pee in my pants.... :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  12. Bull

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    I quit drinking whiskey anyway...... I woke up in my underwear a few times...... Usually because SOME drunk a-hole threw up on my outerwear
  13. Rachgier

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    I swear my friends are jerks. Every time I go hang out with Jack, Jose, and Morgan they leave me face down in the tub with the shower running cold water.
  14. bscar

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    I bet your butthole hurts, too, right? :rofl:
  15. Rachgier

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    Nah, but this one time at band camp...
  16. thundercroozer

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    Shane,, don't think I would classify it as bad luck..

    Mine started 3 yrs ago,, had to go to the Doctor for a company required yearly physical, during the physical Dr. stats I think I need to have you go for a stress test..
    I said o.k. sch. it and i'll be there,, he says no,, I need you to go today..
    Go to hospital have the stress test,, cardiologist states,, I think we need a little more testing,,
    and the next thing I know I'm headed for the heart cath lab,,
    call my wife,, tell her she needs to come to hospital asap,,
    meet with a heart surgeon,,and from there to the O.R. for triple by-pass surgury..

    Went from the Dr. office at 10:30 to finally waking up enough to know it was 8:22pm that evening with a big a$$ scar on my chest and right leg
    didn't get to go home for the next 5 days
    All from a company required physical
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  17. undeRGRound

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    +1 this^^^
    Ask if it is OK to use the 325's, Shane. My little sis has been doing this for about 3 decades, on Dr's advice. 81 is what they spec for "heart health" and they are as expensive as the big ones, and 1/4 the size. The 325's are cheaper and most docs say take the whole thing...
    I got a dollar $tore here in my town, 150 of the 325 mg aspirin costs $1 :eek:
  18. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    They did the same to my dad when he was 36.... Had a heart attack during the stress test, ended up with a quintuple.....
  19. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    Me too...I take $0.98 /100 325mg Aspirin daily.
    Self medicating here.
    But it also helps with little aches and pain.
    Had tendinitis for a while.
    If all they prescribe is Aspirin, count yourself lucky Shane.
  20. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    They put me on an aspirin regimen after my heart attacks too. Even after all the blood thinners, bp, cholesterol, and other drugs I was on. They told me to keep taking the aspirin.