If THIS don't make ya laugh...

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    My girlfriend doesn’t get it
    I’m on a buying spree
    for futuristic weapons
    made out of Zamak 3

    My neighbors think I’m crazy
    as they watch me through their drapes.
    “I think I saw that carbine
    in Planet of the Apes!”

    At the range I’m wearing earphones
    But I can hear 'em talk
    “That thing is even uglier
    than Sargent Murphy’s Glock!”

    The guys at camp are just as bad
    My sidearm makes ‘em snicker
    But I can't afford an H&K
    like some damn city slicker

    They shake their heads and mutter
    “That’s why he lost his wife”
    Yeah, she married a man
    with a Colt in his hand
    It was the Hi Point of my life!
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    That's funny......;)

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    NE Utah
    Well, I laughed. But I'm easy.:cool:
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    Funny nuff!!
  5. SteveC

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    Cracked me up!