If you could, would you?

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    Board seems a little slow tonight and I do have the opportunity. Would you trade a Mosin Nagant 91/30 in good shape for a Hi-point .45?
  2. Ehhh... depends on the quality of the MN (do the serial numbers match, for example) and the quality of the HP. I'd normally say yes thats a good trade if you can do it FTF, but if you factor in FFL fees for shipping it's not worth it otherwise IMO.

  3. AnArmyofRon

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    MN is in good shape with matching serial numbers. It's a clean gun (the MN). But I can get one all day long for 100 or around there. Do the numbers really matter on a mass produced weapon like the MN.(serious question, no sarcasm)
  4. Some do. If you can get some models with matching serial numbers you can make quite a mint... they're few and far between, but "Rare" MNs do exist.
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    Why is it, on "the Hi-point Firearms Forum" can I not get a "Hell yeah, Ron, buy it now, or trade it in".
    I guess we do look out for others best interest.
    Gun snobs one up each other. We take care of each other. I really like this site.
    I just thought about having a surplus weapon that shoots ammo that is often hard to get vs. a weapon with reloadable cartridges with a life-time unlimited warranty.
  6. Serial numbers matching are a plus, but you have to remember that if the weapon has been rearselaned, it very well could have been forced mached as fars as numbers.

    You have to look at the numbers and see if they look like the same set of punches were used to punch the numbers.

    If serial numbers do not match, look and see if they have matched the numbers on the bolt and receiver. This may be a indication that the bolt was set up at the rearsenal depot.

    Does the rifle come with the sling, tool pouch, bolt tool and cleaning equipment?

    Has the head space been checked on it? It can cost as much as the gun is worth if it is out of specs.

    Is it a Izzy (triangle with arrow) or a Tula (Star with arrow)

    I assume you are wanting to trade the pistol for the rifle?

    If you want a good rifle, and this seems like one, it may be something to consider. See if the person will kick in a few rounds of ammo to boot.
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    bolt, barrel, and magazine well (or whatever you call the bottom of the ammo holding area in front of the trigger is called) all match.
    I've shot about 300 rounds through her and she's a good gun.
    But, like I said, she's surplus, and I can trade for a .45.
    I'm sure the MN will hold more value, but what is that. In 10 years will it be worth 150-200 dollars?
    Don't really know. What would you do (anyone who responds).
  8. Is the MN an ex sniper (old scope mount holes in the reciever)? Year, arsenal, are needed to truly value the rifle. If it's a run of the mill 43 Izzy then yeah, it's worth 90 bucks.
  9. "Hell yeah, Ron, buy it now, or trade it in!" J/K

    I don't know much about Mosins, but, IMHO, I think it would be a good trade, if you are really wanting a handgun instead of a rifle.
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    Thanks Broomhead, I'm leaving now. That was some great advice. :D
    Haven't had the headspace checked but it shoots well. I have a Winchester mod 70 30.06 that I hunt with. I really just use the MN as an expensive, loud, long range plinker. It is nice owning a gun that old, though.
    Just wondering what ya'll would do if given the opportunity to trade. If I miss the rifle I could pick another one up for less than a new HP .45 is going to cost.
    Yeah, the MN came with the pouches, bayonet, tools, and the heavy grease can. I'd keep those (already seeing getting another MN if I trade this one :D )
  11. If you can trade, and thats what you want, go for it.

    But remember, the dont make them MN rifles anymore, and someday they wont be cheap as the market dries up. If you are gonna replace it, dont wait forever.

    Curious, it is a Izzy or a Tula and what year? Lamanate or plain wood stock?
  12. AnArmyofRon

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    Its a 1943 Izzy, wood stock that has probably been refinished. I am probably going to keep the thing and just buy the .45. People are starting to get into the surplus rifles more and more.
  13. Dave_H

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    I'd say no. Hi Points are affordable, I'd just wait a while and buy a NIB Hi Point 45. Waltham is correct, Mosin's are plentiful and cheap now, but someday the tit is going to run dry.

    Besides that, every time I've swapped or sold a rifle I ended up regretting it later.
  14. Space

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    Saw a 91/30 today dated 1942 with a s/n of "0006"

    All matching and not electro pencil. Original stampings.
  15. I would just buy the hipoint out right and keep the rifle. You can find alot of surplus stuff but all to often it has been beat to crap. but hey, thats just my .02!!!
  16. Right now there are a lot of nice rearsenaled MN's floating around, but for how long?
  17. Hell yeah!!!

    Trade it for a Hi Point semi auto that spits 45acp slugs(oh yeah), 45acp goodness, lol.