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If you had one gun when "TSHTF", what would it be?

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My choice would be a Ruger 10/22. I would choose any .22 caliber gun over anything else. Opinions?
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Tough one But I guesse I would have to go with my SKS
decent copacity
7.62x39 is a good general purpose round
I love having a reson to talk about how strippers are cheap easey and disposable
It would depend upon what kind of TSHTF" was happening.

In a city where there was a lot police repression a small 9 mm pistol.

In the wilderness where only hunting was required it would be a heavy barrel 10/22 ruger.

In semi rural area like where I live now it would be a 7.62 AK with some spare 30 rd magazine. The AK can kill game and also do a good job of shooting up a pickup truck full of lowlifes.
I always said my 10/22 but I am leaning towards my SKS for reasons already mentioned.
That and a hell of a lot hrder hitting.
My ak-47 I have 7 30 rd mags. rapid fire capibility, hunting uses. Not to mention legendary reliability.
My choice of the SKS is based on my personal expierence I dont own an AK dont know how to work on one and I am not familiar with them
The SKS I have been shooting for 10 yrs now and I am very familiar with it
I think those are important considerations when TSHTF
Honestly, in my current environment of a large city, I would take either the C9 or 995. Reasoning is that 9mm is a very common civilian ammo, and both weapons have been proven to be reliable even without cleaning for extended periods of time, and able to withstand impact, abrasion and idiot abuse. They can fire just about any brand, and I'm very familiar with them.

The only reason I would hesitate on the 995 is concealability. A longarm isn't subtle, and in a SHTF moment, the last thing you want to be seen as is a threat. You want to DEFEND yourself, but not come off as the aggressor, since in a time of crisis the last thing you need is to alienate those who can assist. And, in an urban environment, your sphere of contact becomes MUCH smaller than it would in a rural setting, so range is greatly diminished.
AR-15. I have alot of Mags and ammo. I am very familiar with its operation, troubleshooting, and it is more accurate than the AK. Can take almost any game to include BADGUYS. Can be fairly descreet with the right clothing lol. It is also the rifle I have had the most training and practice with.
I am Highly leaning to the .17HMR over the .22 That is a nasty super fast round.
You can get them in HPs Ballistic tips and others. More bullet selection..

It will take down large game and one ballistic tip to somethings head would be a nasty out come.

Ammo isnt to high priced but a bit more then .22

But because of where I live I would have to go with my 995. Which reminds me I need to order more mags.
HMMM ^-^ I wonder if Hi-Point ever considered building a 223 or 30 cali. carbine?? Now that would be the all around Bug out rifle.
My scoped FAL and a rooftop because:
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Savage boltaction and lots of ammo
that looks like mine!
Savage boltaction and lots of ammo
that looks like mine!
IT IS!!! ;) I stole it while you weren't looking :evillaugh:
Depends on the conditions of the SHTF situation.
If local uprising, or civil unrest, 9mm pistol. Plentiful ammo available.
If I had to bug out; 995. Similar reasoning, with a lot better "reach out and touch someone" effectiveness.
If an invasion of a foreign force, AK47, or whatever their weapon of choice is, so I can use the ammo of my enemies after I send them to meet their maker.
Realistically, I would possess more than one weapon in more than one caliber in a SHTF scenario.
I ain't goin' with just one gun.
I hate that question... I've got SKS's, .303's, 30.06's, two G19,1022, and my 995.... BUT and that is a big but. I'd have to go with my 4" .357. It's good for two different flavors of ammo and has plenty of power. ez to conceal.
Easy choice for me no matter what the SHTF situation. It's light weight, powerful and with the C stock it's pretty concealable. ;-)
Kel Tec SU16C/E stock

SU16C stock
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Living in the country , I would go with my Ruger 10/22 , and a Browning Buckmark (Camper version) . There isn't much that can't be eliminated with a 22 LR and a good aim from rabbits to deer / zombies .
I would take the Mossberg 590; the reason is that is versatile; you can load with many different types of rounds and you can hunt and there are few things that are more intimidating then sound of a round being racked.
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