If you only had 1 ar-15 how would you build it.

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  1. bombadillo

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    I am looking to build an ar and am thinking about the configuration I'd like it to be in. It must be a do it all type of rifle. No sniper only, or CQC type of rifle. Just interested in how everyone would build this one. (and I have searched ar-15.com and calguns.net on this.)
  2. Thayldt21

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    Well After learning that All the knowledge I picked up in the Army>>> Dont Mean Junk in the civilian AR-15 world. I took the Crash course.

    Did just about what your doing now.
    ASKED and asked some more, Read till my eyes hurt on AR15.com,,

    Called a few kit makers. Drove a few of my local FFL's crazy.

    And in the end What I am building is.

    AN Olympic Arms stripped lower. With a del-ton, 16" heavey barrel mid;-length Crhome lined M4 feed ramps, With adjustable stock. A3 Flat top.

    My Kit will be here on monday as I ordered it last monday, Called ahead. and have been tracking it for a few days now.

    I will be taking many pics all the while I complete the build.

    As Obviuos as it may be I have heard nothing but good from del-ton and I myself am impressed with the Customer service And speed of my kit being shipped.

    Just any question you have be sure to ask. I most likely will not have the answer(new to Civilian market) But the amount of people should be able to answer any question you come up with.


    Also Read your bunns off.

  3. sorry to not be helpful at all, but personally if I were going to build an ar I would smack myself and get back to reality.

    1. I can't afford to be building/buying another gun when ammo is so high and I need to be buying more.
    2. I have NO use for .223. I shoot .40 for plinking, and various .308 loads for varmints and target.
    3. sand, dirt, water, mud. They are my friends, not my enemies.
  4. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    spendy yes. but still only costing little more to then my XD9.

    Ammo. well i get .223 for 25cents per RDS incude shipping costs.

    sand, dirt, water, mud. well after a few deployments and myself never having an issue, (does not include the time my magazine got crushed) I figure why the hell not. A similar weapon served me well, there is no reason this one wont.
  5. AGuyNamedMike

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    I'm a big guy, so a 20" barrel can still work for CQB for me. I'd probably build a 20" stainless heavy barrel, rifle length gas tube with YHM flip-up sight gas block, handguards with some sort of rail on the bottom for a vertical grip as needed, flat-top upper with a flip-up sight, Sure grip pistol grip, 6 position stock, and a couple of optics to choose from depending on need. This type of setup would serve me with plenty of versatility.
  6. hero_saku39

    hero_saku39 Guest

    I am building with the same kit as you Thayldt21 but only on an Anvil Arms lower........but.........I can't limit myself to one. I am going to build a dedicated .22 also and will buy a third stripped lower to have on hand.
  7. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    I would love to Go your route hero_saku39, However the wife isnt fully on board with the idea.

    I think that in a few comiing months I should be able to Find another lower in the back of my Gun safe. And pull of the, oh that. I got that for X and X from X and maybe she wont strangle me.

    As for the .22 Well I might have to hold of just a bit or get the conversion kit later.

    Monday just isnt comming fast enough for me. And I still cant find my Spaner wrench for the but stock tube extension nut. Gues I will just have to buy the AR tool. I think the wife will go for that.
  8. hero_saku39

    hero_saku39 Guest

    The only "people" I have to answer to are my cats........and I can kick their asses off!

    I just went to talk to a guy at a little gun shop 3 blocks from my house about a transfer for 3 or 4 lowers and got a bonus!

    bonus to be posted in the lounge!

    Edit: guess I'm already in the lounge.... :oops:
  9. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    I would trade the AR for an AK and a buttload of accessories and still have enough cash to go buy a new camera to take pics and vids of me shooting the new gun :p

    I just had to...you understand.
  10. hero_saku39

    hero_saku39 Guest

    .......but I already have a camera more expensive than any gun I will ever own......

  11. bombadillo

    bombadillo Member

    As far as del-ton goes, that was the route I was probably going to take for the majority of it. The BUIS would be something different and the gas block was possibly going to be a 4 rail block. I was just thinking more of which parts and why. Would you go a CAR length or mid or 20" or higher?? Entry type rifle and/or distance rifle. I'm looking for the do it all tactical/longer range. So far I've looked at mid length 16" ar's with a stag or mega lower, and parts have varied from there.
  12. Ari

    Ari Guest

    If you want longer range I would look hard at the 20 inch barrel... But if longer range is only 300 yards to you the 16 should work fine.
  13. That's why I went with the 24" bull barrel on my AR. I am going to order a 18 inch upper for it for craps and chuckles, but the 24" is for long range yote shooting.
  14. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    Same here, but I am NOT taking the Pro-Sumor Sony 80 gig out to a gun range. I'm too paranoid about that thing getting bashed up. Granted it's already out of date with the current industry 1080i standards (it's only a LOWLY 720, but this was bought nearly a year and a half ago).

    We all have our overpriced addictions. I just can't grock AR's. I've tried, and while I wouldn't mind a Saiga in .223, I don't think I could make the leap to the AR/M4 crowd.
  15. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I am still debating that purchase of a New ACOG for my lowly M4gery....
  16. hero_saku39

    hero_saku39 Guest

    that's OK.....more room for us over here!
  17. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    My current AR, but with a Ta31F instead of the EOTech...

    Im also going to replace my current handguards with a quad rail and my Knights VFG with a LaRue FUG...
  18. I have one AR now, a generic Oly Arms 16 inch barreled upper handle model that I got for 575 last year at a show.

    NOthing speical by any means but its an AR.

    Next one I am going to build is going to be a 24 inch bull barrel with the fixed stock.

    Then I will build one more which I want to make rather tacticool looking (flat top with rail, forward grip with rail and lower pistol grip hand guard, funky stock, etc). Not crazy but nifty. That one wil lhave a 20 inch barrel.

    I will be happy with those three.

    Then I would be tempted by one of those Bohica 50bmg uppers for a grand.