If you paid $200 for a 995 and added

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  1. a ATI stock, Barrel Shroud, Bushman Charging handle, Leapers Red Dot and a Leapers BiPod, what do you think it is worth ?

    That is what I've done to mine and I think it is worth about $150, accessories do not add value to a firearm in my opinion, they are just add-on's for personal preferences. It is like adding rims to your car or installing a new stereo, it doesn't appreciate the value.

    It amazes me what some people want for a used gun because on all the add-on's.
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    100% Agree with you.

    Coffin sealed.

    I see all to often 995 with said add ons for sale buyer wants 300 or for it and I cant help but think I can buy new around 150-180 add a ati (witch I don;t care for but only own 4095 ) for another 50.

    The rest is laying around the house some were.

    total 200-230. Value after I'v bought it about 30% less not 30% more.

  3. Honest answer: It does increase the value.

    Smart a$$ answer: If that's the case, I'll give you $200 for your 995 with the bells and whistles and you'll be coming out $50 better than you'd expect lol.
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    Adding some things does increase the value of the firearm. If you add a McMillan Stock to Remington 700 it definately adds value to the rifle. Or an aftermarket barrel like a Shilen or something. Not that much more but it helps. You are never going to get the original price you paid for the gun back (unless it is dicontinued, collector item, 30 years old, I know where this will be going). A local gun store is selling a new 995 in a ATI for $265.00. Joe Blow might be happy buying the same thing used for $150.00, condition plays into effect. It is a tough debate and I probably sound like John Kerry on it. Personal preference will dictate the buyers spending. I agree with you that some things for sale are totally out there.
    For instance I have been watching this ad for over two years waiting for the price to come down. He still hasn't sold this:
    REMINGTON 700,
    .308 caliber, 24'' HB, Precision SR/25 stock, bipod, mono, hard case, Leopold, Mildot LR6.6x20x50 tricked out sniper rifle w/match ammo.

    Last year he wanted $2600.00

    He doesn't post it with price anymore. I am waiting and check weekly.
  5. A good example from this forum !

    The carbine has about 400 rounds of WWB 115gr through it so far. I bought the 995 in Nov. '07 brand new in box w/redot for $250.00. The ATI stock was around $50.00, the shroud another $40.00, and I purchased 3 10rd hi-point mags at $14.00 a piece.

    ASKING $325.00

    ???? Never sell or Trade-in a fire-arm !
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    yea there are some really interesting things on the internet for sale, and really I can't see why new prices vary so much.

    Last week at the gun shop I use they had new C9 for 150, which I thought was slightly high, and the 995 is generally about 180-190 bucks, I think I paid about 160-170 when I got mine.

    Like stated above, putting a Mcmillan stock on a 700 remington is an investment to a gun, however regular add on grips for a pistol and a red dot on a carbine is hardly an investment into the firearm's value, cuz heck I don't even like having a scope. But thats just me and thats the problem with aftermarket on guns, trucks, cars whatever, people personalize their items to their own taste, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and worth more to the guy selling than the guy buying most of the time.
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    Contact me FIRST if you ever decide to sell!!! :lol:

    Add-on's certainly do increase the value! It is rediculous to think otherwise.
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    It does depend on what it is...for some of the stuff, its usually better to take them off and sell them seperately...tend to make more cash that way...some things leave on, though...I think maybe remove the bipod and red dot, possibly the charging handle...sell those seperate from the gun, might make a bit more cash that way...
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    Alot of it depends on what the buyer is interested in. Myself? I prefer stock units that have not been modified. This way I know how it SHOULD perform out of the box, and if there's any problems I know how to track them down. Anytime you add aftermarket equipment, it changes the function of the firearm.

    But this doesn't mean that ALL weapons I see with modifications I will turn down. For example, I would pay more if I found a Winchester 1300 defender with the pistol grip, 18.5 barrel and beefed up pump slide hardware. That just happens to fit what I find "perfect" for a shotgun as well.

    Value depends on the buyer, NOT the seller. The same thing applies to vintage cars and bikes. Just because some rich twit insist his '67 Camaro is worth $500,000 doesn't mean that it's what the car will sell for. Trends, image, rarity of the device and quality of the firearms and accessories will dictate the price of the firearm.
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    Doesn't look like there are too many buyers at that price..... :shock: :D

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  11. I got my 995 in a trade. Fellow who bought it NIB paid $149 minus tax, put 50-100rds thru it and decided he didnt like pistol caliber carbines. I had a .50cal muzzleloader I was unable to shoot, due to recoil issues, and we did an even trade. The ML I had cost me $130 minus tax so we came out pretty even in the deal.

    I passed on a number of 995's over the last year because they were priced way over MSRP. One shop has a 995 with a $25 NCStar scope on it and was asking $275 just because it was scoped. When I pointed out that the scope only cost $25 the shop guy just shrugged and walked away. Well, no more dealings with that shop.
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    I don't even want to think about how much is in the 995 I bought from Chef Dennis. I can tell you I didn't pay him what he had in it. There is over $575 in a EOTech and 2 MI Iron sights. Then the top rail and the ATI stock. Now I have added the Ace Skeleton Stock and have it out for some machine work. Themn the front Storm Rail and Bushmans products that will go on it.

    If i were to sell it together, Sure I'd like to find someone that would consider all of the "Stuff", but chances are, to most people, while they are there, they don't mean any value.

    So selling it is not a viable thing. LOL, at some point, you just bite the bullet and either continue to "play' and modify it and enjoy knowing it ain't worth what you have in it.

    As Neo said, it all depends on the buyer.
  13. You will never get get the full value of the accesories added to the cost of the gun. But they will definately bring up the "value" (not to be confused with cost). The "value" of something is diffrent for everybody. I value my SKS alot even thought its not worth much (first rifle).
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    It's just like remodeling a home. At best, you'll only get 90 cents back out of every dollar you spend remodeling a kitchen. Even less for other parts of a house.
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    Houses appreciate big with add ons and mods.

    A more fair comparison would be cars.

    You have a ford escort and throw a wing on it while the VALUE to the owner goes up the overall worth as in trade in goes down.

    You add a chrome exhuast that makes it loud. Sam as above worth goes down.

    You add cold air intake. same result.

    Also the outside Buyer will most likely think man what did you do to this piece of Crap. rag it out and not take care of it.

    Hmm Blue book is XXXXX but beings it is not factory and most likely not profesional I will chop the price by XXXX amount of $$.

    This is my thinking.

    And when I see these hoped up CARS, GUNS, ect I think why are you selling what is wrong with it.

    hmm additions. Of course you will say need $$$ unexpected somthing or other.

    But the end is it is not worth the $ you put into it.

    you can factor the price of each part you put on it but in the end they are all used parts now.

    This is the reason for trade in vehicle. While I have a lot of $ in my truck When it comes trade in time I will take the parts off and sell them on say ebay. This way I will get a better trade in value and worth out of it.
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    I agree, I instinctively distrust modifications made to anything I am buying when it is obviously done by the owner. That applies to guns, houses, cars, and anything else really. All that add-on crap detracts from what I would be willing to pay, if I could overlook the stuff at all and still be interested.
  17. The value can vary on a gun. Depending on the gun, certain add-ons can increase or decrease the gun's value. It basically comes down to what the potential buyer's looking for and how much they are willing to pay for it.

    I personally won't pay any more for a 995 with an ATI stock on it than for one with a factory stock. That's mainly due to the fact that I had a negative experience in the past with an ATI stock for a Mosin-Nagant.

    The way I see things, I may have a few guns worth a lot more than I paid for them, but it doesn't matter. I'll never sell any of them because sentimental value is worth more than cash value to me.

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    The SELLER determines the value of the gun and prices accordingly. If a potential buyer looks at it and thinks "I don't like the accessories" then he can make an offer for the gun without the add-ons.

    But ultimately, the Seller will decide to sell or keep regardless of the potential buyers opionion!

    This is the internet! There are quite a few potential buyers! Somebody will come along with similar interests and taste as the seller. And when that happens the firearm will sell!
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    People make a living by remodeling homes. If done properly it is a very profitable venture.

    The Kitchen in particular is where profits are made!