If, you were going to buy a Desert Eagle................

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  1. Which caliber would you choose and why? The thing is I have started to like the Desert Eagle a lot(mainly the size). I like the 44mag and 50AE caliber the most but I would like to hear what you think about the gun and the caliber you would want if you were buying one. I have been thinking about not buying a gun for a few months and saving for a Desert Eagle.
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    If I was buying one it would be in 357mag... But then it is all about getting the right tool for the right job. What do you want to do with it?

  3. Nothin in perticular, just always wanted one, I love larger handguns and I prefer a longer barrel for more accuracy. For instance, I have always wanted a S&W model 29 but if im paying that much I might as well get a semi auto. I feel it would be a great accomplishement to own one, just me wanting a expensive gun for once I suppose.
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    If I was going to buy a DE it would be in 50AE, I mean, why else even buy a DE?

    And the fact that you've got "Replica" written down the side of your gun... And the fact that I've got "Desert Eagle point five O"... Written down the side of mine... Should precipitate your B :D :D :D into shrinking, along with your presence. Now... F :) :D off!

    But that's just me... :D :D :D

  5. Well, I was thinking about the 44 mag because the ammo is cheaper by about $10 and it's in wally world, 50Ae isn't.
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    Like I said, that's just me. You can buy a .44 mag in other platforms, to me a DE should be a 50AE. But we are all different, thank goodness.

  7. How much difference in recoil do you notice? How do the 44 magnum and 50AE compare?
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    Honestly,,, not trying to be harsh or rude,,,, but a 50 DE just looks silly. Reminds me of the little kid sitting in a huge adult sized chair like the one I remember from Sesame Street. Before anyone asks or makes a joke,,, refer to my screen name. I drive a 10x4x4 foot car for FUN. I doubt I am compinsating for antything at all.

  9. How, are you saying the 50Ae isn't big enough for the Desert Eagle, that the gun should fire a larger cartrige?
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    Not saying that at all,,,,,, just saying I drive a car that is 10 feet long, 4feet wide, 4 feet high. I prefer a machine that is realistic in size. DE's just look to me to be 1.5/1 scale. Kinda silly lookin, just my opinion.
  11. Ooooook
  12. How much do you want to spend? Do you handload?

    I got my DE for under 600 dollars out the door BUT its only a 357 mag model.

    I handload because the 357mag DE needs HOT ammo to make it cycle properly. I'm dumping [edit] grains of H110 powder into 357mag shells and they go BOOM.

    Even though its only a 357, with that kind of load, it still gets people at the range walking over to you and going "what the **** are you shooting?"

    Much cheaper to load 357mag thna 50ae.

    You probably can't touch a 44mag or a 50ae de for under 900/950 dollars.

    I wish mine was the 44mag at least, then all I would have to do is switch barrels to change calibers. To change calibers with my 357mag, I would have to replace the b olt/bolt holder/barrel/magazine. Not cheap.

    I shall sit on my 357mag DE for a while until I come across a decently priced 44mag/50ae DE.

    Don't buy one unless you handload. Ammo costs will kill you if you don't.

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  13. I dont handload, I think the 44 would be nice. I thought they were in the $1100 dollar range.
  14. Well I'm talking used.

    If you dont' handload, I would go with the 44mag. Factory 44mag ammo is pretty hot since its designed to be hot yet not nearly as expensive to shoot as the 50ae. The 357mag DE is very ammo picky so you don't want to be wasting money buying random 357 ammo to find one that properly cycles the gun.

    I really think that 50ae is a handloader's only caliber unless you don't mind only shooting like 50 rounds every couple of months.
  15. For that price you could have the S&W 500. Much more manly. lol
  16. If I were thinking about buying a DE I would smack myself upside the head and snap back into a logical reality, but thats just me. :lol:

    If I had to it woudl be .357

  17. Dang, 357, I think I would just buy a nice revolver if I were choosing that caliber. I am having second thoughts about the Desert Eagle but I am not sure.
  18. Ridge

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    50AE...I buy a weapon because of the caliber it uses...just like my AR is 5.56, and my AK will be 7.62 :)
  19. I like the look of the old .44 Automag semi auto pistol . It just had a look of its own.