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I have been through a lot of experiemntation with ammo on our C9 before it went back for the seond time. Now it is flawless. A couple things I learned:

WWB is about 1/16" longer in OAL than Remington UMC. This caused terrible trouble for the gun originally as the WWb rounds would wedge against the feed ramp.
If you are having trouble, polishing the feed ramp helps. A lot. It did not cure the issues with our problem child C9, but it helped.
Mag lip adjustments. Make them if needed. Plenty of info on here about it.

Now, after the C9 came back looking like the only thing they re-used was the serial number, the gun eats everything. I have no polished the feed ramp and do not intend to. We have well over 1K rounds through it and things are fine, the feed ramp has a nice little groove from all the round it has eaten. The trigger is also as good or better than our other firearms, don't ask me why. It's lighter than our .380 trigger.

The one "draw back" now is that the pistol has to be kept clean. At least the chamber, feed ramp, and barrel. Problems start at around 100 rounds of dirty ammo. A couple passes with a bore snake does the trick.

Theory: The .380 and the 9mm are basically the same gun. I think the specs for the chamebr and such are a "comprimise" between the needs of each round. Since the .380 round is shorter, some C9's prefer 9mm rounds with a shorter OAL. If you happen to get a C9 that was on the higher end of tolerances when the gun was made, it accepts the longer rounds (WWB) better. If you get a C9 the was slightly on the "tighter" end of the tolerance spectrum, it might only like rounds with shorter OAL, like Remington UMC.

In any event, I can tell you that the .380 finally started jamming after maybe 2.5k rounds. Since I broke it down for the FIRST time to clean it thoroughly, it has been perfect again. Our C9 (after the facotry did their magic) is also reliable, but is less tolerant of dirt and will jam if limp wristed. So from our limited experience, it appears that the design accomodates the .380 round more easily.

I hope that all made sense.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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