I'll see your Mosin, and raise you a 1903A3

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  1. I traded up from my Remington 700 .223 to a Remington 1903A3 in .30-06. It's going to be prettymuch exclusively run on cast bullets once I get a mold or two. I've heard the 03A3 likes cast bullets, and damn it is smooth... The trigger feels like its around 2lbs, and it already had a pair of Weaver bases on. It's bubba'd, I know, but it's a SWEET feeling rifle. I'll be taking it out for it's virgin sighting in tomorrow... can't wait.




  2. Good looking piece.
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    Nice. I keep trying to find a decent rifle in wood but every time I go looking I find a synthetic on sale and buy it!! I am a bit jealous!
  4. I think I'm done with tupperware stocks. They're very functional I guess, but they just seem to make a gun look more like a toy.
  5. I took him out today to sight in... At 50 yds I touched 3 out of 3 holes together with a scorching hot barrel. It kicks like a donkey, too... so nice. I'll be getting dies and a mold sometime this week, can't wait to start homebrewing for '06.
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    Thats a nice piece of hardware there.
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    very nice, congratulations on a fine weapon.
  8. 1903A3 definitely has some wallop. No mistaking that it discharges!!! Still, seeing it in civvies really breaks my heart...old warhorses like that should always be kept in "uniform"...
  9. I loathe old mannlicher stocks, personally. They're so horrendously impractical compared to a sporter stock. The finish is far from military anyway. It's been mirror-polished and blued, no green parkerizing here I am thrilled to say. This A3 isn't some tired warhorse either. As for a wallop, I really don't feel it. After putting 20 rounds downrange, the only sensation I got from the gun was my hand burning when I mistakenly touched the barrel after 20 rounds downrange...