I'm a bad boy...

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    So I got off work a half an hour early yesterday and run to the Tanner gun show to purchase a calendar from a local company...Ended up dropping $491, lol!

    Didnt buy the calendar, but I did buy a hat and shirt from them, as well as a 16" M4 flattop upper for $400 and a flip up BUIS for $50, both prices OTD...

    I'll have pics up tomorrow, probably...
  2. Better hurry before gunny finds this post

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    Bigger porn


    Build components:

    Superior Arms lower reciever
    Hogue grip
    Bushmaster 3pos Stock
    Viking buttpad
    Magpul PMAGs
    Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
    ARMS 40 flip up BUIS
    Unkown upper manufacturer, but its a 16" M4 profile

    I have new handguards on the way with integral rails and a TangoDown VFG, and plan on someday putting an EOTech on it...